Wednesday, 1 Apr 2020

Canada election: Hull–Aylmer

Hull-Aylmer is the central business district between Gatineau and Ottawa. It is also the oldest neighborhood of the city of Gatineau. It was created in 1914 as “Hull” and was renamed as “Hull-Aylmer’ in 1984. The median income, according to 2015 data from Statistics Canada, is $62,668. 

Incumbent Greg Fergus won the previous election with over 50 per cent of the vote. He is seeking re-election and will be facing Conservative candidate Mike Duggan, a municipal councillor in Gatineau. 

History: This riding was a Liberal safe seat for almost a century, until Nycole Turmel of the NDP got into the office in 2011. The only other time, a non-Liberal leader was in office was when Gilles Rocheleau crossed the floor in 1990 before co-founding the Bloc Québécois with Lucien Bouchard. 


Liberal: Greg Fergus (Incumbent)

Conservative: Mike Duggan


Bloc Québécois: Joanie Riopel

Green: Josée Poirier Defoy

PPC: Rowen Tanguay

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