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Calgarians mark Remembrance Day with screening of classic film about the First World War

The period leading up to Remembrance Day is always a busy time at the Military Museums in Calgary.

As one of the curators, Roy Boehli enjoys meeting with visitors and sharing information about the service and sacrifice of Canadians in uniform.


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“The more people you can expose to history, the better,” Boehli said.

As a veteran who served in Bosnia and Afghanistan, Boehli has a keen interest in learning about the day-to-day routines of soldiers in conflicts throughout history.

Now a group of Calgarians interested in film is bringing a new opportunity for people to learn about the First World War.

The Calgary Cinematheque Society is marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the war with a free Remembrance Day screening of the classic 1930 movie All Quiet on the Western Front.

“It’s very much a film that shows what life was like for soldiers,” the Cinematheque’s Jenn Cecconi said.

Cecconi was visiting the Military Museums to make staff aware of the screening.

“It really was a timely film in 1930 and I think it’s still timely today,” Cecconi said. “It’s not anti-military. It’s a statement about war and what it does to people.”

“It’s great that you’re showing that movie,” Boehli said.

“If it sparks an interest in them and it makes them ask more questions, then you’ve achieved success.”

All Quiet on the Western Front screens Nov. 11 at 3 p.m. at the new central library in downtown Calgary.

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