Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

American in London says she'll vote Joe Biden to stop work teasing about Trump

An American woman living in London says she plans to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming US election because Donald Trump makes her feel ’embarrassed at work’.

Kathleen Gallagher, 29, has said the President’s handling of important issues like the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have led to her being the laughing stock of the office as the only American employee.

Kathleen is preparing to ‘vote Biden to get Trump out’ when she, like thousands of the US citizens who live overseas, submits her absentee ballot later this month and casts her vote in the Presidential election on November 3. Communications manager, Kathleen, admits she is scared for the future of the US and her loved ones who live there if President Trump is re-elected for second term in office.

Kathleen, who was born in Chicago, said: ‘I was shocked when Trump won in 2016 because I thought it would never happen. I was pessimistic about the future, I felt very sad and I was also embarrassed to go into the office.

‘It comes up in conversation and because I’m the only American in the office it does feel quite embarrassing that he’s the leader of our country.

‘He’s not done great things with his handling of Covid and the situation with the Black Lives Matter movement is only getting worse. He did not address the BLM issues appropriately and it all seems to much for him to handle, he’s too emotional and often says dangerous things.

‘I’m going to vote for Biden because I am concerned about the state of the US and the people who live there. I am genuinely worried about the future for Americans under the leadership of Trump.

‘Voting for Biden is the best possible chance we have of getting Trump out of office. If you don’t like Trump then Biden seems like the only option.’

Kathleen left Chicago to move to Dublin, Ireland, in 2009 to study at university and ended up moving to London, UK, in 2013 after being offered a job in communications. She said she did not vote in the 2016 US election due to complications with her US address which meant she was ineligible to vote.

A historical Democrat, Kathleen said she would have voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016 if she had the opportunity to do so. Yet despite her residence in the UK she said she felt ‘saddened’ by Trump’s election victory and was worried about how the way of life in America might change under the Republican leader’s presidency.

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead Donald Trump in the polls but President Trump has publicly voiced his confidence at achieving another election victory.

Kathleen said: ‘While I am a US citizen I am not directly impacted by the decisions he makes but even still, I want to vote for the sake of my family and friends who do still live in America.

‘Trump is also a world leader and the way he speaks and what he says really worries me. He throws his views out there and people take his word for it.

‘I think he says dangerous things, like encouraging people to drink bleach as a treatment for coronavirus.

‘I hope more people who are in a situation like me cast their vote too so we can make things change.’

Kathleen went on to add that her views are impacted by the fact she went to school with Jacob Blake, the black man shot in the back by police in the US state of Wisconsin earlier this year. Black Lives Matter protesters took to the street to campaign for change to how members of the black community are treated in the US.

These protests turned ugly as riots broke out and protesters clashed with police. Donald Trump threatened military action against the protestors in a bid to quell the unrest, and two members of the public were shot and killed by police.

‘I went to school with Jacob Blake and I don’t believe Trump’s response to what happened is enough to deserve him of my vote’. said Kathleen.

‘I don’t think he handled the situation well at all. A lot of what he does, does not give out a good impression and what he says has a big impact on a lot of people.

‘It scares me that a lot of people are very loyal to Trump and it’s scary that it’s still possible that he can win again after everything he has done.’

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