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Alec Baldwin Is Arrested After Dispute Over Parking Space in Manhattan

The actor Alec Baldwin, who won an Emmy for mocking President Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” was taken into custody outside his Manhattan apartment building on Friday after getting into a dispute about a parking space, the police said.

Mr. Baldwin was issued a summons for misdemeanor assault and harassment.

The police said that someone was apparently holding a parking space for Mr. Baldwin, 60, outside his building on East 10th Street between University Place and Broadway, but that another car pulled into the space. The police said the other driver, 49, and Mr. Baldwin got into an altercation.

Officers who responded to a 911 call found that the other driver, who was not identified, had an injury to his jaw. He was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital and was listed in stable condition. Jillian Taratunio, a publicist for Mr. Baldwin, said she had no comment on the incident.

Mr. Baldwin has portrayed President Trump on “Saturday Night Live” with a custom-made wig, glued-on eyebrows and puckered lips. He and the president have sparred on social media from time to time.

In Washington, Mr. Trump was asked about Mr. Baldwin’s arrest on Friday. The president — himself a former guest host on “Saturday Night Live” — paused, then said, “I wish him luck.”

Mr. Baldwin has had run-ins with the police in the past.

In 2014, he was arrested after he rode his bicycle the wrong way on Fifth Avenue near 16th Street in Manhattan. He was not carrying identification and the officers who took him to a station house charged him with disorderly conduct after they said he became belligerent. Mr. Baldwin later went on Twitter to complain about the arrest, saying, “If you don’t have ID in N.Y. when they write you a summons, they can take you in.”

Mr. Baldwin played a goofily Machiavellian television executive on the sitcom “30 Rock,” which ran on NBC from 2006 to 2013. He is the host of “The Alec Baldwin Show” on ABC.

He is also the host of the podcast “Here’s the Thing,” and the host of a syndicated radio program for the New York Philharmonic. In past years he recorded announcements telling concertgoers to turn off their cellphones as the lights went down before the orchestra’s concerts at Lincoln Center.

But he has received the most attention from his appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” the venerable late-night comedy show on NBC. Mr. Baldwin took on the role in 2016 when Mr. Trump was a candidate. Mr. Baldwin, who watched hours of Trump campaign rallies as he prepared to impersonate Mr. Trump, said in December 2016 that he was paid $1,400 each time he was on the show.

Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter that the show was doing a “hit job” on him with Mr. Baldwin. “The Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad,” the president wrote in a Twitter post in 2016.

In March, the president wrote on Twitter that it was “agony for those who have been forced to watch.”

That post came after Mr. Baldwin, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, answered a question about how long he could carry on the Trump role by saying, “Every time I do it now, it’s like agony. Agony. I can’t.”

On Friday, a spokeswoman for the show would not comment on whether Mr. Baldwin was scheduled to appear in the episode to be shown on Saturday.

Mr. Baldwin had a talk show on MSNBC in 2013, but it was suspended after he got into a confrontation with a photographer in which Mr. Baldwin used a gay slur. The photographer was trying to take photos of Mr. Baldwin and his wife and baby outside their building.

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