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Twin Weaver EP Release Titled: Wisdom Teeth

Twin Weaver is a four piece alternative-pop group based in Cape Town, South Africa. Drawing influence from a myriad of psychedelic sources – from shoegazers such as My Bloody Valentine to the likes of Dream Pop duo Beach House – the band distills those sounds into introspective, dream-like songs that are bound to leave you in a daze. Formed in late 2016, Twin Weaver has already captured the attention of the Cape Town music scene through a string of singles that they have independently released. They are self produced, self recorded and self conscious. You can find them sitting on a porch thinking about you.


This EP is about the growing pains of being brought up in a time of materialism and discernment between what is real and what is just an idealised online projection of one’s self. We’re coming to grips with mistakes we have made and learning to forgive ourselves.

Apart Again reflects a history of divided people and how we see painful things happen, yet we do not seem to learn from them. The past keeps returning and the trauma remains. The same patterns play out in human relationships. We lose sight of empathy and fights recur, thus it feels like history keeps repeating itself. The following song, Way To My Heart, deals with a similar sentiment. Beneath the bouncing 1980s-inspired beat and synthesisers, the vocals implore the listener to be present and open to an empathetic, introspective conversation.

“Are you willing to grow? Are you ready to go? Am I alone or do you already know?”

What comes next is the salty pop anthem that we never thought we would write. This Ep truly traverses a landscape of emotions and musings. Chardonnay is meant to be a light-hearted, humorous song. Often we distract ourselves with superficial ideas of success, especially on social media sites. The song is a reminder that we can be responsible for the direction in which our lives are flowing. A year ago we wrote Drown, inspiring a new, slightly darker sound for Twin Weaver. The words elude to how people’s actions are influenced by the opinions of others. Once again, it is up to us to decide whether knowing this will give us the strength to be individuals or leave us powerless to the ideas that are ascribed to us.

Glass eyes was made one day when Jono and Josh were alone in the studio. Josh wrote a piano line; Jono added a bass line. After a good bit of pool-gazing, Jono had written the lyrics and soon the vocals were recorded. The entire track was completed in a single day. Jono still isn’t completely sure of what the lyrics mean, but we try not to overthink it and rather focus on the fuzzy guitars. Speaking of fuzzy, the next song was named after a stray cat called Finn, who walked into a friend’s house and decided to make a home for itself there. An instrumental interlude, this simple acoustic guitar composition was recorded at Madikwe Game Reserve on the border of South Africa and it’s friendly neighbour, Botswana. If you listen closely you’ll hear birdsong and the mutterings of people observing elephants.

Missing Out truly sums up the themes of this EP, both sonically and lyrically. The sounds hark back to a sensitive mid-2000s era of pop rock, while remaining relevant with its quirky bedroom production that evokes moments of influencers like Porches and Toro Y Moi. The song is very personal as it looks at the broader picture of what we stand for – it’s okay to be vulnerable, take time to evaluate your actions and don’t rely on others to point things out.

“Why would I wait for you when we can walk in the same direction?

I’m not missing out when I know I have your affection.”

Twin Weaver is: 

 Josh Berry

 Jono Valentine

 Helen Wells

 Zanna Berry

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