Tuesday, 18 Jan 2022

Yorkshire Ripper held in chains unable to directly contact ex-wife as he lay dying in hospital

THE Yorkshire Ripper was held in chains unable to directly contact his ex-wife as he lay dying in hospital, a report has revealed.

Peter Sutcliffe, 74, contracted Covid after snubbing the chance to shield — despite underlying health conditions.

The serial killer was serving life at HMP Frankland, Co Durham, for 13 murders across the North from 1975 to 1980. 

Prison Ombudsman Sue McAllister criticised a four-hour delay in removing his restraints after hospital doctors told security he was about to die.

And she was “disappointed” that prison staff passed messages between Sutcliffe and ex-wife Sonia rather than let them speak by phone.

She recommended that the prison should liaise better with local hospitals over the use of restraints and should consider whether dying prisoners have contact with next of kin on a phone or laptop.

Sutcliffe died in November 2020. 

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