Thursday, 29 Oct 2020

Why Joe Biden Could Benefit From Floating His Cabinet Picks Before Election Day

Joe Biden made headlines with his vice presidential pick, Kamala Harris — but should he be elected, there are more personnel decisions in his future. Specifically, Biden will need to select his cabinet, a process that typically takes place in late November and December, after the votes have been tallied. However, in a particularly contentious election, making his picks public before voters cast their ballots could be a winning strategy.

Announcing cabinet choices before the outcome of an election is a calculated risk, as it can seem like a candidate is taking voters’ support for granted before they’ve actually gone to the polls. However, it can also demonstrate the candidate’s judgment to voters and indicate what kind of government that candidate intends to run. For Biden, who’s faced with uniting and leading a split Democratic party, the approach could help him win over more progressive voters — depending, of course, on who he nominates.

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