Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020

Which areas are likely to be in tier 3 of the new lockdown system?

THE Prime Minister is gearing up to set out new lockdown restrictions shortly.

The new measures will depend on tiers of one to three, with three being the highest – here's the areas most likely to be affected.

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Which areas are likely to be in tier 3 of the lockdown system?

Areas with the highest rates ofcoronavirus transmission look set to be placed into a tier three lockdown.

Currently, this means mostly the North of England – particularly the North West of England.

It's understood that Liverpool, Manchester and parts of Yorkshire are on red alert to be placed in Tier Three, possibly with Exeter in the South.

Last night the PM told the Cabinet the nation stands at a “critical juncture” and more must be done to avoid triggering full lockdowns.

Tier Three households will not be allowed to mix either indoors or outdoors.

The restrictions are likely to hit Liverpool, Manchester and parts of Yorkshire from as early as today. They will be reviewed monthly.

As it stands, the potential places that look set to be placed in tier three are:

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Parts of Yorkshire
  • Exeter

What are the tier 3 restrictions?

Tier Three will see the most serious measures – including a total closure of the hospitality sector and a ban on overnight stays outside the home. Cinemas must also shut.

It will be more similar to a full lockdown, like the restrictions in place in March.

How long will tier 3 lockdown restrictions last?

Restrictions will be in reviewed regularly, and will be eased depending on the current data.

The measures will be reviewed every four weeks, but this does not necessarily mean they will be in place for a specific amount of time.

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