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Where is Princess Royal parcel hub? | The Sun

PUBLIC services such as the Royal Mail often name their sites after members of the monarchy.

One such place is the Princess Royal parcel hub, named after Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Where is Princess Royal parcel hub?

The Princess Royal parcel hub is located in North-West London.

It is a delivery and distribution centre offering a wide range of delivery services to users.

The mammoth depot located about 6 miles from Euston was opened in the 1990s to drastically improve the mail service.

Initially opened to speed up the postal service, the scheme was a partnership between the Royal Mail and British Rail.


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How long does it take for parcels to be delivered from Princess Royal parcel hub?

The parcel hub works to a timescale of looking deliver parcels between 3-5 working days.

Instances have been noted where individuals have had to wait for anything up to two weeks for their parcel however.

Parcels that pass through the distribution centre can be tracked so you can see when you can expect your parcel to be farmed out for delivery.

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