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When is A-Level results day 2020 and how will grades be decided?

FOLLOWING on from Scotland's results day, A Level students will receive their results on August 13 – despite them missing exam season.

The continuing of results day as originally scheduled is a move to ensure that further education isn't disrupted.

When is A Levels results day 2020?

This year A Level results day will fall on Thursday, August 13.

Results will be ready from 6am, but it is up to each school to set their own release time.

Despite no exams having taken place, the government didn't want to change results day as it would impact the current cohort's route to further education.

The government said: "This will enable progression to higher and further education to take place in the normal way.

"It will also allow students time to decide whether they wish to sit exams in the autumn, and to prepare for those exams if necessary."

How will the grades be decided?

No exams could take place this year due to the UK lockdown causing school closures.

Exam regulator Ofqual haven't disclosed exactly how grades will be calculated, and won't do so until results day itself.

So far they have shared they will be looking into the exam results of students from the past three years, considering the grades past students got for each subject at their schools.

Any data on current students will be applied too.

Teachers will then have to order each student from best to worst for their subjects, plus take mock exams, tests, coursework and homework into consideration.

Due to this, universities will be flexible with their admissions requirements.

How many UCAS points are each grade worth?

TheUniGuide say this is what each grade is worth in terms of UCAS points, which you'll need to meet university entry requirements:

  • A* = 56
  • A = 48
  • B = 40
  • C =32
  • D =24
  • E = 16

For AS Levels, the figures are lower as it's not a complete qualification.

Can I take my exams again if I fail?

Officials have been clear that students will not be disadvantaged by these unforeseen circumstances.

But if you're not happy with your result, you can sit an appeal exam in October for AS and A Level modules.

If you get a better result in the appeal exam, you'll be able to carry that result forward instead.

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