Saturday, 28 Mar 2020

Waterloo police couldn’t let coronavirus spoil 7-year-old’s birthday party

A couple of Waterloo’s finest took some time out of their busy day to brighten things up for a little girl in Wilmot Township who was unable to have a birthday party because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A police spokesperson told Global News that they had come across a social media post about the young girl’s birthday party being cancelled because of the need for social distancing.

“We just took it upon ourselves to try and make her smile,” Cherri Greeno said. “We know a very difficult time, especially for children.

“A lot of them may not understand the significance of what’s going on. They don’t get to have playdates. They don’t get to go to school. So it’s a very tough time for them.”

She said police contacted the girl’s mother and asked if it was OK to do a drive-by.

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