Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Van driver caught watching racy vid and ‘spanking the monkey’ at wheel suspended

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    A van driver who was spotted watching lewd adult content on his phone while driving his through busy London traffic has been suspended.

    The man was seen “masturbating” in his vehicle while watching porn as he navigated the streets of the capital during rush hour. A clip of the encounter was posted on social media by a cyclist going by the name of Greg N.

    The video was uploaded with the comment: “How is this one for a 'distracted' driver! Driving past London Cannon Street at peak hour with pedestrians crossing everywhere while watching porn and spanking the monkey – we have to share the roads with these people FFS!” Custom Intelligent Security today confirmed that the driver has since been suspended pending an "urgent investigation."

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    The one minute, 26 second video shows the cyclist driving down the road weaving through traffic before stumbling upon the van. The cyclist pokes his head by the driver-side window and spots him pleasuring himself while watching porn on his phone.

    The man said: “How's that? Watching videos, no idea – f***ing hell.” The van then speeds off, with the cyclist following.

    It happened on Wednesday (November 8), at around 5pm. And it was at the second time of stopping alongside the horny bloke that the cyclist finally spotted what he was watching.

    He laughed: “He's watching porn, driving around watching porn – you're f***ing kidding me. He's having a w**k as well, you're f***ing kidding me. Jesus Christ. What chance have we got as f**king, f**ing, what . . . what a d**k head.”

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    The viral video, watched more than 250k times, sparked chaos on Twitter/X. One wrote: “I know it’s really not funny but I suppose it makes a change from drivers *not* giving a toss about other people’s safety!”

    And a second commented: “That's a whole new level of cognitive distraction.” A third added: “That's not exactly hands free is it? He ain't gonna feel so, uh, proud in front of the judge. He deserves all that's coming to him.”

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    And, after it went very viral, cycle-loving motorist-hating BBC presenter Jeremy Vine told the Daily Mail: “This breaks some sort of record. I have no words.”. Many people tagged the Met Police into the comments, but they have not responded yet.

    The Daily Star has reached out to them for clarification.

    Custom Intelligent Security said: “We were shocked to see the video posted online from a vigilant member of the public and want to thank them for bringing it to our attention.

    “The driver has been suspended pending an urgent investigation.”

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