Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023

Ukraine urges citizens to share ‘where Russian troops live’ in occupied territories

Ukraine: Russian ammo depot destroyed in Horlivka

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The fighting between Russia and Ukraine that started on February 24 has been going on for five months now. The statement by the ministry’s defence intelligence directorate was aimed at people in and around the southern city of Enerhodar, which is home to a major nuclear power station.

It said on Saturday, adding that exact coordinates were desirable: “Please let us know as a matter of urgency the exact location of the occupying troops’ bases and their residential addresses … and the places of residence of the commanding staff.”

On Saturday, Russia has targeted Ukraine’s main port of Odesa – through which grain shipments would take place – with cruise missile strikes, barely 12 hours after Moscow signed a deal with Ukraine to allow monitored grain exports from Ukraine’s southern ports.

Ukraine’s operational command south wrote on Telegram, raising doubts about the viability of the deal that was intended to release 20m tonnes of grain to ward off famine in large parts of the developing world: “The enemy attacked the Odesa sea trade port with Kalibr cruise missiles.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy claimed the strikes on Odesa showed Moscow could not keep its promises.

According to a statement from the presidency, the President said during a meeting with US lawmakers: “This proves only one thing: no matter what Russia says and promises, it will find ways not to implement it.”

The US secretary of state also condemned the Russian attack against Odesa, accusing Russia of deepening the global food shortage.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Antony Blinken said: “The United States strongly condemns Russia’s attack on the port of Odesa today.

“It undermines the effort to bring food to the hungry and the credibility of Russia’s commitments to the deal finalised yesterday to allow Ukrainian exports.”

Meanwhile, the Russian-installed administration of Ukraine’s occupied Kherson region has announced it is establishing an election commission to hold elections and a referendum on the region becoming part of Russia.

The deputy head of the administration, Yekaterina Gubareva, said uniting the region with Russia would get Kherson out of a “wild field”, Russia’s state news agency RIA has reported.

She wrote on Telegram: “The lands of Novorossia were developed under Catherine II.

“Then it was a ‘wild field’ after the Russian-Turkish war. There were no people, no roads. Absolutely nothing. A few centuries later, history repeats itself.

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“We are building a civilization on the territory that since 1991 has been methodically deprived of historical memory, industry and the future… The referendum is our chance to get out of the ‘wild field’.”

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