Thursday, 7 Dec 2023

UK weather maps pinpoint exact time temperatures will soar above 30C again

Temperatures in the UK look set to rise to 30C and beyond later this month.

Britain has enjoyed sunshine and warm weather this week, with the mercury topping 28C on Thursday (August 10).

Sadly however, the Met Office expects things to cool down as we head into the weekend. Highs of 27C are expected on the east coast today (Friday, August 11) and on Saturday (August 12) temperatures will struggle to get much above 23C. Similar conditions are expected on Sunday (August 13).

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Luckily it appears we haven't seen the last of the heat for this month.

Advanced weather maps from WX Charts indicate things should warm up again next Saturday (August 19) with highs of 27C across much of England.

Mid-20Cs can be expected for the days that follow until Wednesday (August 23) when 32C could be on the cards.

The heat maps show the highest temperatures will be in southern-central regions where the mercury is expected to reach 28C to 30C around midday. In the Midlands and even some parts of Scotland, 25C can be expected.

By 6pm things should have warmed up even further, with 32C possible in some parts of the south. The Midlands, Wales and East Anglia can expect 25C to 27C, with things a notch or two cooler elsewhere.

The following day (Thursday, August 24) could see 30C in the south-east, with London expected to hit 28C.

The Met Office has also said we could see warmer conditions from the end of next week.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Rebekah Sherwin said: "While there’s an unsettled outlook for this weekend and the start of next week, our long-range models are starting to signal the possibility of some warmer, more settled, weather developing later next week.

"Temperatures into the low 30s Celsius are possible in the southeast towards the end of next week or over the weekend."

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