Monday, 30 Nov 2020

Trump ally Roger Stone films bizarre pre-debate 'pep talk' for Joe Biden after being paid by Democrat's campaign

ROGER STONE filmed a pep talk for Joe Biden before Thursday night's debate that was paid for by the Biden campaign.

"So I understand, Joey, that there are a lot of people out talking s*** about you – the only way to combat that of course is to talk s*** about them," Stone says in the 39-second video.

The conservative political consultant seemed to break from his longtime friend Donald Trump in filming the pep talk telling Biden to mudsling back at his critics.

Digital director for the Biden campaign Rob Flaherty tweeted the video before Thursday's debate, writing "Since you can pay Trump advisors to say anything you want them to on the internet, we asked Roger Stone give a pep talk to ol’ Joey ahead of tonight’s debate."

Stone offers some somewhat sound advice to Biden, with his signature style crude jokes.

"What I like to say is when I wipe my derriere after I defecate, what is left on the TP is more intelligent and has more integrity than say, Ari Melber of MSNBC," Stone joked.

"This is a stunning insult and I invite you to use it on anyone who deserves it," he continued.

"Good luck to you Joey," before saying something inaudible "has your back."

Flaherty didn't say how the Biden campaign got Stone to record the video or how much they paid him, but Stone did film the video using Cameo, a service that allows people to pay celebrities to send them personal messages.

Stone has been a diehard supporter fo Trump for years and served on his presidential campaign during his first bid for the presidency.

He left the campaign in 2015 under undisclosed circumstances, with Trump saying he fired Stone and Stone alleging he quit.

However, Stone remained a fervent supporter of the president and has served as an informal adviser to Trump.

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