Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021

Thirsty thieves steal nearly £300k of WKD from factory and escape in tractors

A huge three tractors' worth of Blue WKD were stolen from some thirsty thieves.

£280,000 worth of alcohol was grabbed from the Caledonian Bottlers in the East Ayrshire town of Cumnock, Scotland.

A 700ml bottle of the popular alcopop beverage retails at around £2.80, which means as many as 100,000 bottles could have been taken in the heist.

Kilmarnock Police say the thieves initially broke into the Scotland brewery at Cumnock Business Park on Saturday evening.

But they returned in the early hours of Monday driving three "HGV tractor/ trailer units" to steal multiple pallets of WKD, Wales Online reported.

Later that day, one of the tractor units containing a large quantity of pallets filled with Blue WKD was discovered on fire.

Detective Constable Hugh Dempster at Kilmarnock police office said: “I would like to speak to anyone who has any information on the actual break-in at Caledonian Bottlers or anyone who may have seen a convoy of three HGV vehicles leaving the premises.

“I’d also ask any drivers who were travelling on the A76 towards Mennock, late on Monday evening, to check their dash-cam footage as they may have captured one or more of the stolen vehicles.

"Anyone who is offered Blue WKD alcohol at a much discounted price is also asked to contact police immediately as this may be the stolen alcohol."

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In other thieving news, brazen thieves have stolen 1,000 pints of beer left to mature inside an underwater shipwreck.

They carried off the seabed booze heist off the coast of Argentina.

Three local breweries stashed the alcohol in the remains of a fishing vessel last November.

Bosses thought it would be safe as it was submerged three miles from the city of Mar de Plata, under 65feet of water.

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But divers discovered the 600litres (1,055 pints) of booze was missing when they went to retrieve the barrels last week.

They found an empty metal casing after thieves ransacked the stash.

One diver said the “dreams of brewing beer at the bottom of the ocean” had been ruined by the crooks.

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