Monday, 6 Dec 2021

The UK could see snow and bitterly cold temperatures over the weekend

The real cold of winter has started to appear and snow is on the horizon for many across the country.

The UK has been experiencing colder weather and BBC say that it could be set to get worse as the country is at risk from a nasty Arctic blast.

This could mean snow and with snow comes icy temperatures.

A white November has been expected for some time, but now the forecasts are much clearer.

Brits can expect to be turning up their heating over the weekend, particularly in Scotland and the north of England.

Some southern areas might even get some snow.

And the weather warnings are coming thick and fast for the weekend.

When will it snow in the UK?

Temperatures began falling this week and forecasters predict snow over the weekend.

Weather charts from WXcharts show that heavy snow is predicted to move down Scotland towards northern England from Friday.

This is expected to hit higher ground across the UK on Saturday.

On Monday, snow could fall as far down as London and the south east.

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Over the coming months, people are being warned about showers and the increased risk of flooding.

The Met Office's Stephen Dixon told the Independent that temperatures will likely fall across northern England and Scotland, and further south as the week goes on.

He said: "From Wednesday, highs will be around 9C, but lows overnight into Thursday will go down to -4 in rural Scotland."

Met Office snow forecasts

On Wednesday the Met Office issued a weather warning for Friday and Saturday as "a low-pressure system brings strong winds and heavy rain, and even sleet and snow in some places."

"As well as strong winds, rain will also move south across the country on Friday, with showers following turning increasingly to hill snow in the north," they said.

"This wintry mix of showers will continue on Saturday, and although snow is possible almost anywhere away from the far-south, accumulations are likely to be confined to hills."

Brits will be feeling the effects of the cold snap.

Tom Morgan from the Met Office explained: "The whole of England and Wales will see temperatures of – 2C to zero on Friday night.

"On Saturday it will feel bitterly cold. The wind will make it feel like it’s below freezing, around – 1C to – 3C."

Will it be a White Christmas?

Forecasts currently have mixed opinions on the Christmas forecast.

The Met Office believes that temperatures will be mild, but the BBC reckons there is a freeze on the cards.

Odds have been slashed on the big day. Betting giant Ladbrokes have placed odds on snow to fall in the UK on Christmas Day at 4/5.

The Ladbrokes list of major UK cities:

Edinburgh – 3/1

Newcastle – 7/2

Belfast – 4/1

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Dublin – 4/1

Birmingham – 5/1

Liverpool – 6/1

Manchester – 6/1

London – 6/1

Cardiff – 8/1

The Met Office is run by the government, while the Met Office's forecast rely on private company DTN.

They said: "This winter is likely to feature a weak polar vortex, bringing increased cold risks from Arctic air masses later in the season. January and February could feature frigid air, similar to last year."

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