Thursday, 9 Jul 2020

Teen made his own bionic arm out of LEGO after being born with missing limb

A teenager made his own bionic arm out of LEGO after being born with just one upper limb, by dismantling one of his models.

David Aguilar showed off his home-made prosthetic that can bend and lift objects with a clamp at the launch event of LEGO’s new campaign Rebuild the World.

Born with a deformed arm, the self-styled “Hand Solo” began making his own prosthetics aged 9.

He then built his first advanced and moving prosthesis after taking apart a LEGO helicopter from his shelf at 17.

And then when he was 18 he took apart a LEGO Technic plane and designed the MK2, which can grab and grip with internal motors.

The life-long LEGO fan was present at the launch of the campaign Rebuild the World alongside pop star Mark Ronson.

Rebuild The World is a campaign designed to build children’s creative skills around the world.

The UK launch was celebrated with the construction of seven giant lego build arounds Britain.

More than 530,000 bricks were used in the 130kgs worth of construction which took 260 man hours to creative.

Bionic arm builder David was alongside Ronson at the LEGO House, Billund, Denmark, for a another part of the launch.

“As a child I was very nervous to be in front of other guys because I was different, but that didn't stop me believing in my dreams,” he said previously.

“I wanted to see myself in the mirror like I see other guys, with two hands.”

David used his favourite toy to create a basic limb when he was young, and has consistently upgraded the bionic arm.

The student, from Spain, is now studying bioengineering and wants to create prosthetics to be issued for free.

At the Rebuild the World launch, Ronson said: “My whole career has been about working with brilliant, creative people and seeing where our imaginations take us.

“Rebuild The World, is a wonderful opportunity to help inspire the next generation of creators who will come up with their own ideas to shape the future of everything from the way we live to the music we listen to.”

The campaign will see events run across the UK during the October half term.

And families an also get involved with the challenge be sharing their creations on the LEGO Life app.

LEGO’s Julia Goldin said: “Rebuild The World is all about seeing where imagination takes us and celebrating the natural creativity of children.

“We want to encourage kids around the world to develop and retain these skills as they grow older. With this campaign, we want to inspire people of all ages to play and unleash their creativity to create a world of infinite possibilities."

And LEGO marketing chief Marius Lang added: “We believe that children are born with natural creative ability.

“They see the world from a unique perspective and have the power to reinvent the world, identifying new solutions and ideas that will shape the future.”

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