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Son finds his father sleeping alongside family dog in her final days

Heart-breaking moment a son, 23, finds his father sleeping downstairs alongside their beloved family dog in her final days of battling cancer

  • Jack Graham tiptoed downstairs after noticing his father’s door was open 
  • He found his father Mark asleep next to his dog Sophie’s cushion on the floor 
  • Sophie was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and ‘hasn’t been herself’ 

A proud son has revealed the heart-breaking moment he found his father asleep next to his cancer-ridden dog, as the family vow to cherish every final moment with the 17-year-old animal.

Jack Graham had got up in the middle of the night at the family home in Northern Ireland when he noticed his father’s bedroom door was open. 

The 23-year-old can be seen tiptoeing down the stairs before reaching the living room to find his father Mark asleep next to the dog’s cushion.   

Jack decided to film them, describing it as a ‘sad’ but ‘heart-warming’ moment, as their mixed-breed Foxhound and Border Collie Sophie had been diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.

Jack Graham (left) went downstairs to find his father Mark (right) led next to his dog Sophie (centre)

When posting the video of the two Jack said his ‘heart had melted’. Mark and Sophie are pictured together above

Jack, who works as a support worker, said: ‘I was walking to go to the bathroom and I walked past my father’s room and his door was open which isn’t normally like him, I looked in and seen he wasn’t lying in his bed.

‘So I went down to the living room to check and see if he had fallen asleep on the sofa and when I had came in I saw him lying beside my dogs bed.

‘It made me really sad but also in a happy way, I thought it was really cute and heart warming.’ 

Vets are not unsure how long she has left to live, but the Graham family are now cherishing every moment they have with her.

After posting the video on November 9 he added: ‘My dog is very old. She is 17-years-old and she hasn’t been acting herself recently.

‘So my dad put a pillow down and slept beside her to comfort her. He was very worried about her, she has cancer unfortunately.

‘We didn’t want to know too much because she has what looks like a little cut on her leg but it’s actually a tumour.

‘She has lumps and bumps everywhere and growths in her mouth which we had got removed it grown back.’

Sophie (pictured above) is 17-year-old and has been acting differently, leaving the family very worries 

A few days later Jack posted another video of him patting Sophie and said the situation was ‘heartbreaking’

Jack said that vets have told the family it isn’t a promising outlook and added that they are not letting her live life without their interference. 

‘We can’t as well because she’s old, they said she wouldn’t make it through the surgery you know.’

Jack posted the video on his Twitter page with the caption: ‘It’s official my heart is well and truly broke, my dogs 17 years old and she’s been acting differently and we are all worried about her and I notice my dads not in his bed and I go down and he’s lying sleeping beside her bed because he’s worried about her. I’m DONE’

The video has gone viral, gaining over 359.6K views and 27.8K likes, as Jack shared several other clips of his dog.

In one of the clips, showing his dad Mark petting his dog lovingly, he wrote: ‘My dad absolutely loves my dog more than anything, sometimes I think he loves her more than me lol.

In an update a few days after the first video was posted Jack told his followers that Sophie was feeling a lot better 

‘We have had her since she was 6 weeks old so it’s breaking our hearts seeing her so anxious and not herself.’

In a separate video of him snuggling up against his pup, Jack wrote: ‘Everyone please don’t take your dog for granted, please be kind and love them because they love u and they have a short life so make it the happiest.

‘Also please adopt dogs from the shelters. She is the best rescue dog that’s ever existed.’

Jack has previously revealed that Sophie (above) has a tumour on her leg

Jack posted another update of his dog feeling unwell as he tried to calm her down by gently petting her on the head.

Posting the update on Twitter, he captioned: ‘Update: she’s isn’t feeling herself today.

‘She didn’t eat breakfast I made her, which she loves.

‘Why do dogs have to age? ps that isn’t a cut on her leg, she has a tumour there unfortunately… I love her sm, I’m hoping she is okay. She’s having good and bad days.’

Under the comments section, several users sent heartfelt messages to Jack and his dog as they spend their final days together.

One wrote: ‘I hope she’s okay. All you can do is love them the most, and you guys seem to love her so much!’

Another said: ‘I did this for the last two nights of my dog’s life!! I couldn’t bare to leave him alone – neither of us really slept but I know he was grateful, ya know?’

One user added: ‘Awk jack my hearts breaking. Love u so much please give her hugs from me.’

Jack said his dog has always been ‘full of energy’ despite being ill, explaining how lucky he was to have such an amazing dog in his life.

He added: ‘My dog is the sweetest dog, she’s very shy but trusting as soon as you pat her a few times then she would let you do it all day.

‘She’s always been full of energy even when she’s been down the past couple of weeks, she still has a spring In her step.

‘She’s loveable as hell, and affectionate.

‘She just genuinely makes all of us so happy and I’ve never met a dog like her before.

‘She is our baby and we are lucky to have such an amazing dog.’

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