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Scary moment an alligator takes a 'nibble' at Florida man's shoulder

Scary moment Elvis the alligator takes a ‘nibble’ at Florida man’s shoulder when he decides to take a dip with his 13ft predator ‘buddy’

  • Adrenaline junkie John Braje was swimming along with Elvis the 13ft alligator 
  • He said he has swum with the large predator several times before without issue
  • The Florida man said Elvis the alligator was his ‘buddy’ and would see him again
  • Mr Braje said if the alligator wanted to harm him he would not be on Facebook 

A Florida man’s bizarre decision to take a dip with a 13ft alligator came to an abrupt end when the predator bit his shoulder. 

Footage shows the large alligator approaching John Braje who was swimming in Miami Lakes in the Florida Everglades.  

Mr Braje said the alligator is called Elvis and describes him as his buddy. 

Florida man John Braje was swimming along with a 13-foot alligator in the Everglades when the massive predator nibbled his shoulder

The adrenaline junkie, pictured, said the alligator did not mean him any harm as the beast had the ability to kill him 

Though, despite his confidence, he clambered out of the water before claiming he would swim again with the alligator who is known as Elvis

He said the large predator had no intention of harming him. 

The daredevil said: ‘I’m a recreational scuba diver, snorkeler and free diver. I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie and I love animals . So, I swim and dive with sharks, alligators, and all sorts of marine life for fun.’

After posting the video on Facebook, Mr Braje said: ‘So, I got nibbled on by a 13 ft gator today. 

‘Thinks just because he’s bigger than me, that he could bully me. 

‘No hard feelings though. He was just displaying dominance or maybe even just curious. If he wanted a bite, I wouldn’t be on FB right now.’ 

‘He’s still my buddy & ill be back in with him soon.’ 

Mr Braje was in the water with a second man who seemed unconcerned by the presence of the massive predator. 

He added: ‘I’ve had plenty of interaction with him in the past. I think maybe because there were a lot of people around, he felt he needed to display dominance but normally he’s really chill. If he wanted more, he could have got it. That’s my buddy.’

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