Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021

Riddle of dad found dead in his locked Mercedes – and the keys are still missing

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A devastated family has called for help following the mysterious death of a father whose body was found inside his new Mercedes.

Horrifyingly, the car had been locked from the outside, and the keys have never been found, an inquest heard.

CCTV footage caught an individual leaving the vehicle, and reportedly, locking it, Birmingham Mail reports.

Troy Dixon's body was tragically discovered in his recently purchased Merc, parked in Smethwick, at around 11.30am on Wednesday, April 28.

Desmond Jaddoo, a Birmingham community activist, acting on behalf of the family of 30-year-old Troy Dixon has appealed for anyone who can help provide answers to contact him immediately.

"There is no explanation for the missing keys. One of the issues has been the initial assessment by West Midlands Police as far as disregarding the missing keys," he said.

"The family have been left in limbo. The evidence has not led police to a conclusion of criminality. However, Troy was found alone in his car and the keys were missing.

"The most moving part of the inquest was seeing the family break down in tears. Troy’s passing was a very large pill to swallow because they have not got the answers to the questions they’ve been asking."

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At the inquest into the forklift driver's death, the Black Country Coroner’s court heard that the vehicle had been locked from the outside by someone else and the keys have never been found.

The father-of-two had reportedly been missing for two days when his concerned mum, Judith Henry, contacted West Midlands Police over the disappearance.

Then in a horrible development, officers were with her when they received reports that Troy's vehicle had been discovered.

The force were initially treating the death as not suspicious.

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"In the hours before his disappearance, Troy was his usual bubbly self. He was a family man, he was working hard to provide for his kids aged 12 and five. He was my only child, I spoiled him rotten and gave him everything," mum Judith told BlackCountryLive.

"He was a peaceful, decent young guy. As a family we are broken, I will never celebrate Christmas now because Troy isn’t here. There’s something missing, it’s left a hole. We were best friends, he would always say, ‘mum it’s me and you against the world’.

"He is greatly missed, he believed in God, loved his kids and loved his family."

In a desperate bid to get some answers, Troy's family carried out has door-to-door enquires and retrieved CCTV footage from a nearby business.

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The hearing on Tuesday heard that the cause of death was acute aspiration pneumonia and use of cocaine and heroin.

Judith said: "I’m not happy with the verdict as there are still unanswered questions, like who was the person that locked him in the car?

"I hope they do the right thing and come forward. We tried our best to get to the bottom of it. We can’t get closure, the person with his car keys is still out there."

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