Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Portland driver Adam Haner believes he was attacked because he is white

The driver kicked unconscious during a mob attack in Portland says he has previously marched in support of Black Lives Matter — and believes he was only targeted because he is white.

“I wasn’t trying to do anything but get a drink,” Adam Haner told KATU of the vicious attack that started outside a 7-Eleven and left him with head wounds, three broken ribs and two black eyes.

“I wasn’t the enemy, I’ll tell you that. I was just the guy standing there, and I was white, evidently,” he said of his brutal attack by BLM protesters.

While he was not part of the ongoing protests in Portland, Haner told KPTV that he had previously marched in BLM protests.

“I was for that. I’ve had cops beat me up before. I was for their cause,” he said.

The one-time firefighter — who is refusing to watch the viral video of his attack — said his natural instincts kicked in when he saw a trans woman whom he did not know getting robbed and beaten.

“I just seen something going on there, and I tried to get in the middle of it — and it just directed the fire towards me,” he told the station. “Their whole chaos came right at me.”

He insisted that he said nothing offensive — but both he and his girlfriend, Tammie Martin, were immediately set upon by the mob, who started calling them white supremacists for no reason.

“All I remember saying very vividly was, ‘This isn’t your enemy — this isn’t who we’re trying to fight,’” he insisted.

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