Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020

Police attending 999 call stunned by selfish note telling officers 'this is NOT a parking space' after 'blocking drive'

POLICE responding to a 999 call were left stunned when they found a note telling them they had parked on private property.

The selfish message was left on one of seven police cars attending a "serious incident" in Sutton Hill, Telford, on Wednesday night.

Cops were joined by ambulances on the scene as Midlands Air Ambulance flew over head.

They later found a brutal note which read: "This is private property NOT a parking space!!"

Sharing the message on Twitter, Telford cops for West Mercia Police wrote: "Whilst dealing with a serious incident along with @OFFICIALWMAS we found this sign left on one of the seven police cars at the scene.

"Please be assured that we will never intentionally block a drive or properly unless it is an absolute emergency, like this was."

They added: "Air Ambulance was in attendance as well, very much a serious incident.

"We never intentionally block driveways, but sometimes the situation means we can’t waste life-saving seconds parking up nicely."

Users were quick to show their support, with one person writing: "Some people you wonder if they have a brain….. feel free to block my drive when ever needed."

Another said: "Feel free to block my drive anytime you need to attend to an emergency. I’m sure if the emergency involved their loved one they might think differently!"

One more added: "Just throw it in the bin!"

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