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Mum's agony as bones discovered three miles from where missing 'milk carton' kids vanished in 1996

A MUM has revealed her agony after human bones were discovered three miles from where her son, one of the 'milk carton' kids, vanished in 1996.

Christine Harvey, 57, has spoken about how she will be glad to lay the boys to rest if the forensic evidence suggests the remains are in fact from Patrick Warren and David Spencer.

Patrick, 11, and David, 13, went missing on Boxing Day in 1996 – and were soon dubbed the 'milk carton kids' as their photos were printed on bottles across the UK.

The milk was sold in 770 Iceland shops, thanks to a campaign ran by the National Missing Persons Helpline.

Human remains were found just three miles from where the kids were last seen earlier this month – sparking new hope that the boys' mysterious disappearance may be solved after 24 years.

Cops launched a probe after the bones were found near a Land Rover factory in Solihull, West Midlands.

David's mum Christine Harvey, 57, told the Mail: "If it is Paddy and David then I'm just glad to be able to lay them to rest.

"Hopefully, we can bury them together — have a double funeral."

Mrs Harvey was too emotional to speak when cops knocked on her door following the new discovery.

She said: "I wasn't capable of speaking to them myself.


"They told my son that it would be a few weeks before we know for certain that the bones belong to our sons."

The devastated mum also added that she was always so close to her son David, and that she knew something was wrong when he went missing.

Patrick's mum Bridget Warren sadly passed away from cancer five years ago – without ever finding out what happened to her youngest son.

Initial images of the bones which were recovered from the site suggest that they come from two young boys, according to the Mail.

But concrete evidence has not been confirmed by officials.

And some relatives are already understood to have received messages of condolence, despite any confirmation.

Construction workers made the grim discovery earlier this month, and police confirmed that the bones would undergo forensic and archaeological analysis.

It was reported that officers have previously searched in the area where the bones had been found in connection with the disappearance of schoolboys David, 13, and Patrick, 11.

After the initial discovery, a West Midlands Police spokesperson said: "We’re investigating after human remains were discovered on land off Damson Parkway, Solihull.

"The area has been cordoned off for further searches to be carried out.

"The bones will undergo forensic and archaeological analysis.

"There is no information linking them to a criminal investigation at this stage."

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