Monday, 3 Oct 2022

Moment Ukraine shopping centre obliterated by Russian missile in CCTV footage

CCTV footage has captured the horrifying moment a Russian missile obliterated a shopping centre in Ukraine, killing at least 20 people.

Dozens have also been left injured and several are still missing in the wreckage of the building in the city of Kremenchuk, which came under attack on Monday (June 27).

The chilling footage of the incident shows the building engulfed in flames as debris is sent flying into the air, which is so intense that local fire chief Ivan Melekhovets, who has been taking part in the rescue operation, said anyone left inside had "no chance of surviving".

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"The hardest thing is to see the corpses – adults, children," he added as he confirmed that firemen were still searching for around 50 to 60 missing people.

The incident is said to have been Vladimir Putin's latest significant attack on innocent Ukrainian people.

The footage has since been shared on Twitter by Ukrainian media, which has sparked outrage as viewers branded Kremlin's attack as "terrorism".

One user wrote: "Nothin' but terrorism…"

Another added: "So many innocents continue to be killed by the terrorist regime."

A third said: "#PutinIsaWarCriminal Long live free Ukraine!"

Snaps of the building following the attack show it completely decimated and anything left standing is now completely charred and covered in ash.

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The news comes after a pro-Putin TV host has doubled down on the incident, suggesting Russian troops had been targeting a vehicle plant nearby and warning NATO about provoking Russia further.

“The Kyiv regime is showing bloody provocations to the entire world, and of course they are blaming us,” Olga Skabeyeva grumbled.

In the clip, translated and shared on Twitter by journalist Julia Davis, Skabeyeva went on to reference Bucha where horrific war crimes are alleged to have taken place despite Putin’s claims of his soldiers’ heroism.

The Kremlin mouthpiece went on to deny that the attack had ever targeted the mall, and instead went on to put forward the Russian Defence Ministry’s argument that the missile had been targeting an automobile plant nearby before fires spread to damage the shopping centre.

This theory has subsequently been proven false by misinformation spotters Bellingcat, who mapped out the distance between the two sites and found footage proving that the mall had been hit first.

The confirmed death toll for the attack that took place in central Ukraine currently stands at 18, with 36 people still missing, news agency Reuters has reported.


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