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Moment man, 57, is led to his death in 'lethal injection murder plot'

Moment British man, 57, is led to his gruesome death after being lured to meet girl, 19, in ‘lethal injection honey trap murder plot’ in Turkey

  • It is believed Murat Arpapay was tied to a chair and killed with a lethal injection 
  • Footage shows the 57-year-old arriving at his apartment with his alleged partner 

This is the moment a British man is led to his gruesome death in Turkey after being lured to meet a 19-year-old girl in a suspected honey trap murder plot.

Murat Arpapay was tied to a chair and killed with a lethal injection having fallen for the teen, named as Muhterem Percikli, after moving to the country from the UK, police believe.

The 57-year-old, who worked as a translator and was being sent money from relatives back in England, thought he had made friends with strangers online.

CCTV footage reveals him arriving at an apartment building with the woman he believed to be his new lover.

But locals then discovered a body in the ventilation shaft of the rented flat, which was later formally identified as Mr Arpapay’s. 

Forensic experts ruled that he had died from an injection.

Following the autopsy report, police launched an investigation and discovered CCTV footage showing Mr Arpapay had arrived at the apartment building with his alleged partner Percikli

Murat Arpapay, 57, worked as a translator, moved abroad and made apparent new friends who he met online from Sirinevler in Istanbul

It is believed that Murat Arpapay was tied to a chair and killed with a lethal injection having met the teen, named as Muhterem Percikli (pictured) after he moved to Turkey from England

Police have also named three others said to have entered the building shortly after the couple – Serpil Demir, Dogan Sariyildiz and Fatih Erginoglu. A fifth suspect was later identified as Ersen Basak. 

According to local media, the suspects told officers that Mr Arpapay had lived in England for many years, and had been funded by family. 

It is thought Mr Arpapay had been in touch with Basak on social media before they met face-to-face ahead of his move to Turkey. 

It is alleged that Basak then devised a plan to steal money from the victim’s home, and sought the help of Percikli and her friend Demir. 

The pair visited a cafe owned by Basak to meet Mr Alpapay, which then led to an alleged relationship between Percikli and Mr Alpapay. 

It is believed that Percikli met Mr Alpapay at his apartment where Demir, Sariyildiz and Erginoglu allegedly tied him to a chair and injected a chemical substance into his body. 

They are then alleged to have left the scene after placing Mr Alpapay in the block’s ventilation shaft. 

It is thought that Basak then entered the apartment, stealing the money there, before fleeing to Georgia. Sariyildiz and Erginoglu travelled to Cyprus. 

Percikli and Demir have been arrested and remain in custody while investigations are ongoing. 

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