Thursday, 29 Jul 2021

Moment cricket players attack each other with bats during charity match as onlookers scream in horror

THIS is the moment cricket players attack each other with bats during a charity match as onlookers scream in horror.

The match at Mote Park Cricket Club in Maidstone, Kent, yesterday was abandoned after violent scenes in which bat-wielding louts clubbed their rivals. 

The tournament was part of a drive to raise money for Share for Care, which helps those in need of medical treatment in Pakistan, Kent Online reported.

Footage of the brawl first captures a group of players engaged in discussion close to the edge of the pitch, before a topless thug sprints towards them, while swinging his bat.

Two more men are then seen exchanging blows – one still wearing his pads.

The screams of onlookers can be heard ringing out across the grounds. 

As more bat-wielding hooligans begin to club their rivals, another person is struck to the floor.

Shehzad Akram, who helped with the running of the event, said they had “tried [their] best” for charity but the “lunatics” who kicked off, spoiled the game.

"At the end of the day, we were having the final match and it was the last couple of overs when some guys came on the pitch and attacked a few of the players,” he said.

"I don't know what the main reason was behind it, but there were some troublemakers in the ground. They started fighting with their bats and hitting people.

"I was far away from it, but by the time I got near, they were still fighting and swearing at each other."

Police arrived at the ground after the fight broke out, about 7pm, Mr Akram said, while paramedics were also called to tend to those who sustained injuries.

He said organisers were “not happy”.

“We don't tolerate this behaviour,” he said. "No one's life was lost but a couple of guys got injured in the fight.

"I told them then that what they'd done was a disgrace. There should be stiff action against the players involved.”

The organiser said those involved in the brawl would not be allowed into the ground in the future. 

“We know their faces and we can't take that risk ever again,” he said.

In a social media post on Monday, The Mote Cricket Club said: "The Mote CC would like to distance ourselves from any events that took place at our club yesterday.

"We do not oversee and are not responsible for behaviour of any of those who commercially rent our ground.

"We do not condone these events, and are saddened and disappointed in the organisers and those involved with the incident."

While the exact number of people at the grounds was not known, organisers had predicted the event would draw between 350 and 400 people.

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