Friday, 3 Feb 2023

Mia Khalifa sends brutal response to dad’s Twitter jibe fired at OnlyFans star

Ex-Pornhub icon Mia Khalifa had a brutal response to a dad who targeted her with a misogynistic tweet.

The dad tweeted tweeted at the OnlyFans icon yesterday (Friday, November 25): "I'd rather my son turn out to be like Chris Brown than my daughter EVERRR turn out to be [like] you. Charges and all."

Chris Brown pleaded guilty to domestic abuse charges against his then-partner Rihanna in 2009.

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Mia responded on social media, saying "This is *actually* insane lol" on Instagram.

She continued, "He said 'charges and all….' Lord have mercy", shocked at the tweeter's opinion of her successful former career in the porn industry.

Mia was clearly horrified with the message, as Chris Brown has long been accepted as a serial abuser and vilified by his peers.

But the clash didn't end there. Khalifa then took to Twitter to condemn the social media user: "Your karma will be your daughter ending up with a guy like Chris Brown."

She also reached out with a message on the topic for her followers: "The amount of men that would rather their daughters be physically abused by a partner than be a sex worker is horrifying… be careful who you have children with, some of these men would rather see us dead than have their patriarchal tyranny threatened by our bodily autonomy."

The OnlyFans star has always been vociferous when speaking about sexism she has faced throughout her life and career.

She has also been known to reflect on issues surrounding the porn industry, including depression often suffered by performers and the damages of porn addiction being normalised in society.

Mia has strong ties to her city of birth Beirut. After the disaster Beirut explosion in 2020, she auctioned her iconic glasses from her adult film scenes, generating over $100,000 (£82,700) for the Lebanese Red Cross charity.

She has also made personal donations to the Red Cross in Lebanon.

Khalifa has just arrived in Paris having taken a trip to England recently.

The most searched adult film star of 2016 spent time in the seaside town Whistable, as well as ordering all UK-exclusive items on the McDonalds menu.

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