Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Mexican forensics uncover 44 dismembered bodies in well after smell plagues town

The gruesome remains of 44 bodies have been discovered in a 30 metre well, Mexican authorities report.

The discovery was made earlier this month in La Primavera, a community in the state of Jalisco, outside the city of Guadalajara.

Diggers were brought in to excavate the area after residents complained of a bad smell.

Authorities now face the mammoth task of piecing together different parts of the bodies, which were placed in 119 black bags, like a jigsaw in order to identify the victims.

Left over body parts still remain unidentified, reports the BBC.

The army has been standing guard while the work continues.

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Jalisco has become notorious as the home of some of Mexico's most violent drug cartels and this is the second major mass grave uncovered this year.

In August it was reported that to date over 4,000 victim's bodies have been uncovered related to drug gang wars.

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The missing persons problem has become so great that authorities are becoming overwhelmed.

A missing person's charity has said the local forensic department in Jalisco is overwhelmed and does not have the expertise to identify all the victims of this latest find.

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They are now appealing for the government to send more specialists to assist with identification, report the BBC.

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