Thursday, 21 Jan 2021

Man stuck after falling in well and getting wedged pulled to safety by rope

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A man who weighs 19st has been pulled to safety from a well after he accidentally fell in and got stuck.

Video shared on Chinese social media shows the 28-year-old, who is identified by the surname Liu, getting trapped at the opening of the well on the ground, exposing his naked upper body.

He remains calm and keeps his arms crossed as the firefighters arrive the scene with ropes and other rescue tools.

Rescuers from Luoyang Fire Department, in Central China's Henan Province, try to wrap a rope around Liu's waist and places a thick belt above it before attempting to pull him out of the concrete well.

At least six people join forces to lift Liu up while three volunteers hold onto the rope to stop him from slipping through the well.

According to local media report, the man, who weighs around 275 lbs (19st), had been helping his parents to fill in the well by throwing wood and other rubbish inside.

He had been standing on something in order to force it into the hole when it suddenly gave way and he almost followed after it.

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The family said the well had been used for years but after it dried out they had decided to fill it in.

Their son had been tasked with the job – but he clearly ran into issues when he fell into it.

Luoyang Fire Service said when the crew arrived they realised the man was stuck tight and needed to tie a rope around him as well as a rescue belt in order to pull him free.

The man, who sat calmly wedged in the hole with his arms folded, was then lifted free with no obvious injuries other than some abrasions on his skin.

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