Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

Locked down students get food deliveries as they are trapped 'like prisoners' inside their halls

ANGRY university students have received food deliveries as they are trapped "like prisoners" while under lockdown in their halls.

Manchester Metropolitan University students are under lockdown for two weeks following a spike in Covid-19 cases.

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Earlier this week, around 1,700 students in Manchester Metropolitan University's Birley campus and Cambridge Halls have been told to self-isolate "with immediate effect" after 127 infected were recorded on campus.

Images from today show Tesco and Asda food deliveries arriving for students who are confined to their halls.

One student gave thumbs up as he sorted through the supplies.

Other students were seen receiving Deliveroo through the gates of the campus.

It comes as students have compared conditions to a prison as they were barred from leaving.

Signs in the windows read "Help us!" and another renamed the institution "HMP MMU".

Another said: "Mental health comes first – let us out."

Dominic Waddell, a first-year filmmaking student, said: "A few people got an email to announce they were locking down my accommodation, but not everyone got that so there was a big freak-out with everyone.

"There was a security guard that then just arrived at the gate of our accommodation and he wasn't letting anybody leave, not really explaining what was going on."

Megan Tingey, a 19-year-old criminology student, said police also turned up outside her Birley Vine accommodation.

"It was quite scary and confusing," she said. 

"A police van turned up and there were police outside the gate, quite a lot of them just walking around looking at everyone, especially because we didn't know what was going on.

"No one's really told us much and then the police turn up as well with security outside – it's a really, really difficult situation.”

Students across campuses in Glasgow and Edinburgh have also been forced to self-isolate.

Two "significant" coronavirus clusters have been identified at University of Glasgow with at least 124 students infected.

Two separate uni halls have been linked to the freshers' week outbreak.

More than 600 students are now self-isolating across the residences at Murano Street and Cairncross to avoid further transmission.

Cops have said they have broken up "numerous" parties at Edinburgh Univesity halls on Friday.

It's reported that officers were scrambled to Pollock Halls of Residence.

It comes as there are fears students wouldn't be let home for Christmas.

But Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said it would only be possible for young people to visit their family at the end of term if the country follows existing guidance.

He told Sky News's Sophy Ridge On Sunday: "I very much want students to be able to go home at Christmas, and if we all pull together and observe these new rules, we follow the guidance, then we will be able to get to a point where that should be possible."



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