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I’m a Celebrity star Caitlyn Jenner never said sorry for killing OAP in car accident, stepdaughter claims – The Sun

I'M a Celebrity star Caitlyn Jenner has never apologised after she was involved in a car crash that left a pensioner dead, the victim's stepdaughter claims.

Dana Redmond, whose step-mum Kim Howe died in the accident, spoke out as Caitlyn was paid £500,000 to appear in ITV’s jungle show.

Tragic Kim, 70, was shunted into the path of a Humvee 4×4 when ex-Kardashian clan member Caitlyn smashed into her car at a junction.

Speaking publicly for the first time, Dana told The Sun: “It robbed us of the chance to say goodbye to Kim.

“I have no ill-feelings towards Caitlyn – what happened was an accident and I wish her the best of luck in the jungle.

“But there was that thought that I might get to meet her and that she would say: ‘It was a terrible accident, I’m really sorry for your loss’.

“Then you come down to earth – I honestly don’t believe the rich and famous understand the common man, our feelings and what we go through. They are out of touch.

“The Kardashian family are extremely business-savvy and smart people with the best lawyers.

“Afterwards I laughed about the thought that I would get to meet her and she would say sorry.”

Afterwards I laughed about the thought that I would get to meet her and she would say sorry

ITV lured transgender Caitlyn – formerly wed to Kardashian matriarch Kris – into the jungle with a huge fee.

She appeared onscreen at the launch of the show on Sunday.

But those caught up in February 2015’s four-car crash are still coping with the aftermath.

Caitlyn – then known as Bruce – was driving a Cadillac 4×4 and towing a dune buggy when she slammed into the back of Kim’s Lexus, in Malibu, California.

Kim had put her brakes on seconds before.

Her vehicle was shunted into the path of the Humvee 4×4.

Animal rights activist Kim, from Calabasas, California, who was married to Dana’s late father Robert Howe, died at the scene.

Dana, from Old Orchard Beach, Maine, said: “A friend called me and told me Kim had been in an accident. I was in total shock and was praying I could see her again.

“She and my father were together for 30 years and we didn’t always get on. But when my dad died, we got closer. She said that I saved her life, by reaching out to her.

“It meant a lot to have a friendship with her at that time. We had some good times together. I looked at her more as a role model.

“We became estranged again before the crash and we never got chance to reconcile.”


Caitlyn was not charged with a crime after the Los Angeles District Attorney determined she was driving below the speed limit and engaged her breaks before impact.

She released a statement wishing her “heartfelt and deepest sympathies” to those hurt.

But Dana and brother William Howe launched a wrongful-death lawsuit, saying Caitlyn had been “negligent”.

They later came to an undisclosed settlement with the star.

Two other cars were caught up in the carnage – including Peter Wolf-Millesi, wife Lea, their two children and Lea’s mother Elga Maurer, from Los Angeles.

Elga suffered a cervical spine fracture, Peter suffered severe nerve injuries to his hands and wrists and Lea had wounds to her knees, neck and back.

Their child Nino also suffered injuries, while other son Gaetano – just four-weeks-old at the time – failed to respond at the scene of the crash.

Doctors later determined he suffered no injuries.

Caitlyn, 70, reportedly paid the family £620,000 to settle a lawsuit.

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