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I make £25,000 per month with side hustle that’s so grim no one else wants to do it – but I love it | The Sun

A FARMER has revealed he rakes in £25,000 a month by selling semen from his prized water buffalo.

Mongkol Mongphet, from Thailand, says he has been offered eye-watering sums of cash for the beast, which he calls Big Billion.

Pageant-worthy buffalos usually cost around the £1,000 mark, and Mongkol has more than 20 on his farm.

But Big Billion set Mongkol back a whopping £12,000 and now breeders want to buy the huge herbivore's semen.

They use it to artificially inseminate female buffalos in a bid to have a strong herd.

Mongkol makes a tidy £25,000 a month selling Big Billion's semen but also puts the beast to work on the farm.

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He uses Big Billion's manure to fertilize his crops and also enters him into pageants, reports Thaiger.

Big Billion soared to victory at several contests – leading to a flood of offers being sent Mongkol's way from people wanting to buy the enormous creature.

One keen farmer even said they were willing to pay Mongkol – whose family has bred water buffalos for years – £750,000.

In the town of Kalasin, where Mongkol lives, there are around 350 breeders who own some 10,000 pageant buffalos between them.

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But it's not just Mongkol cashing in on a lucrative side hustle.

Amanda Booth has made more than £200,000 by making custom jewellery out of men's semen.

The 33-year-old from Ontario, Canada, said she started making 'Jizzy Jewellery' more than a year after starting her clay artistry business.

The mum-of-three began making "pieces and sculptures with human and pet ashes, breastmilk, and other materials like hair, fur, placenta and umbilical cords," but has since expanded to include semen, which people send her directly.

It all started off as a joke when someone commented on a video she posted online showing one of her breastmilk pieces asking if she'd ever use semen instead.

She revealed: "One day we were discussing it in the office and my creative team even came up with a name for it, so I posted the joke on Facebook and ended up getting serious requests for pieces."

The process of making the jewellery involves taking the liquid sample, mixing it with a "special concoction" and then drying it out so it can be ground into a powder.

Prices for the custom pieces start at £72 but it all depends on exactly what each customer wants.

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