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Hulk star Lou Ferrigno accuses daughter of elder abuse against mother

‘Hulk’ star Lou Ferrigno accuses his daughter of elder abuse against her own mother who suffers from dementia by ‘trying to get her to withdraw $500,000 despite being deemed medically unfit to handle her finances’

  • Lou Ferrigno, 71, has been married to his wife Carla Ferrigno, 74, for 43 years: he announced last month she had advanced dementia
  • He is now taking legal action against their daughter Shanna, 42, and Carla’s sister, accusing them of elder abuse
  • Ferrigno claims Shanna and her aunt drove Carla to a bank last month to try and withdraw $500,000 in cash: the bank rang him and alerted him 

The star of the 1970s TV series The Incredible Hulk has accused his own daughter of elder abuse, accusing her of taking advantage of his wife, her mother, who has advanced dementia.

Lou Ferrigno, 71, was a bodybuilding rival of Arnold Schwarzenegger before becoming an actor: their competition was the subject of the 1977 documentary Pumping Iron.

Last month Ferrigno confirmed that his wife of 43 years, Carla, 74, was suffering from dementia.

‘She has severe memory impairment and psychosis, and is no longer the same person who Lou knew for decades,’ said his spokesman.

‘Even the Hulk must cope with the challenges of life in caring for a spouse with advanced dementia. Carla’s dementia has significantly progressed.’

But now Ferrigno – who has three children with Carla: Shanna, 42, Louis Jr., 38, and Brent, 33 – is taking legal action against Shanna.

Lou Ferrigno is pictured with his wife Carla in 2009. Last month he confirmed she has advanced dementia

Shanna Ferrigno, 42, works as a fitness trainer. She has not responded to her father’s legal complaint and accusations of elder abuse

Ferrigno starred as the Hulk in the CBS series, which ran from 1977 to 1982

He claims Shanna, a fitness trainer, and her aunt, Carla’s sister Pam Vog, are seeking to access Carla’s assets, and accuse them of ‘financially exploiting’ Carla.

In court documents obtained by The Blaze, Ferrigno claims that his wife ‘was financially exploited into attempting to withdraw $500,000 even though she is medically determined unable to manage her affairs.’

Ferrigno says that his daughter and Vog drove Carla to a bank to try and access her money.

‘The bank called Lou to inform him,’ court documents state.

‘Lou hurried to the bank and was able to temporarily flag the account, but Court relief is necessary to maintain the status quo and to prevent Shanna and Pam from absconding with $500,000, which would irreparably harm Carla if Lou has to then chase them to try to recover the money.’

Ferrigno claims that his daughter and sister-in-law are working to turn Carla against him.

Brooklyn-born Ferrigno was a bodybuilder before becoming an actor

Ferrigno is seen in a still from the film Pumping Iron, which he starred in alongside his great rival, Arnold Schwarzenegger

‘She has been isolated from her husband Lou, and has been unduly influenced into villainizing Lou and acting hostile towards Lou,’ the court documents state.

‘These emotional and psychological tactics are elder abuse, harmful to Carla, and are probably progressing her already advanced dementia.’

The Brooklyn-born bodybuilder and actor is the trustee of the family trust, and in the court filings points out that he should be solely in charge of their finances.

Ferrigno claims that his daughter ‘opportunistically has tried to commandeer Carla,’ taking her to her own house for the day ‘and poison her mind with vitriol about Lou.’

Ferrigno states: ‘When Carla returns, she is hostile and triggered towards Lou. Pam Vog also feeds Carla with lies about Lou.’

He claims his daughter turns cameras off in the rooms where Carla is, and will overrule Ferrigno to change caretakers and their shift times, without asking him.

Ferrigno says that his daughter and sister-in-law were initially angered when he filed the original request to take control of the couple’s finances.

Lou and Carla Ferrigno are pictured in 1985 in Los Angeles. They married in 1980

He said the pair became ‘unhinged’ after being served with the paperwork.

‘They started badgering Carla with lies that Lou is trying to steal Carla’s money,’ the court papers state.

Ferrigno argues that he took control of the money to ensure there were funds for her care.

‘Carla has advanced dementia and is easily manipulated and influenced,’ the court documents state.

‘Carla became hostile towards Lou as a result of Shanna’s and Pam’s triggering.’

He is seeking a restraining order, banning anyone except him from accessing their bank accounts.

The actor claims if the money is allowed to be removed by anyone else, including his daughter, ‘those monies will be unavailable for Carla’s care, to her great detriment.’ has approached Shanna Ferrigno for comment and is yet to hear back. 

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