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Hospital patient ‘killed’ roommate by switching off ‘annoying’ ventilator

A hospital patient who allegedly switched off the ventilator of their roommate because it was "annoying" had been "high on medication".

Hautun C, 73, had "meant no harm" in her efforts for a peaceful night after she is said to have knocked off the oxygen machine of a 79-year-old patient twice because the noise had kept her awake.

Hilal K, the woman who has since died following complications due to oxygen starvation, was attached to the noisy machine allegedly switched off by Hautun.

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The 73-year-old, who has been jailed on suspicion of attempted manslaughter had been "high on medication" at the time and "meant no harm", her son has told German authorities.

Hautun is said to have acted out of "desperation", with her son Aydin, 41, explaining that the sound of the ventilator had kept his mother up all night.

He said of the incident: "My mother couldn't close her eyes there because the oxygen device of her bed neighbour made such a loud noise, like a tractor.

"She was exhausted and high on medication. But she didn't want to harm the woman. It was an act of desperation. My mother worked as a toilet attendant for over 30 years, raised five children, and was never at fault.

"Now she is in prison as an old, frail woman with a serious heart condition. I'm afraid she'll die there. She had no idea what she was doing."

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Aydin claims his mother had contracted Covid while holidaying in Turkey, and was admitted to Mannheim hospital in a "miserable mental state" after catching the virus, DailyMail reported.

Hatun was arrested on November 30 for attempted manslaughter, with Hilal having been hospitalised with an irregular and abnormally fast heartbeat.

Aydin added of his mother: "My mother can neither read nor write, she only understands Turkish, how should she have understood this announcement by the German nurse?

Adding that his mother had "no idea" about machines, Aydin offered his apologies to the family of the Hilal, saying: "I would like to apologise for all the suffering my mother brought to the 79-year-old's family. She deeply regrets everything and asks for forgiveness."

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