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Fisherman catches shark’s gigantic head off of Australia

Fisherman catches gigantic shark’s head off of Australia – after the killer is eaten by an even bigger predator

  • Jason ‘Trapman Bermagui’ made the bizarre catch off the New South Wales coast
  • He was fishing for small sharks on Thursday but found the head of a large Mako
  • After posting a photo online, his followers began speculating on what killed it
  • People suggested it was a tiger shark, an orca, or a group of great white sharks 
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A fisherman has pulled an enormous severed shark’s head out of the ocean off Australia’s coast – sparking speculation it was killed by an even bigger predator.   

The angler, named only as Jason and known online as Trapman Bermagui, made the gruesome discovery in the waters off the coast of New South Wales on Thursday. 

He posted an image of what was left of the Mako shark online, describing the morning’s catch as ‘crazy’.   

Jason, known as Trapman Bermagui, caught the severed shark’s head weighing 200lb off the coast of New South Wales on Thursday. Speculation was rife among his followers on Facebook as to what could predator could have killed the Mako

‘So this was all we got back of this monster mako,’ he wrote. 

‘Unfortunately we didn’t see what ate it but must of been impressive!! The head was about 100kg (220lbs).’

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Soon afterwards, Jason’s Facebook following began speculating about what kind of monster could have inflicted such damage on a Mako, which can grow up to 12ft in length and weigh up to 1,260lbs. 

Makos are also fearsome predators and rarely become prey – they are the fastest species of shark and can reach speeds of up to 46mph. 

Mako sharks can grow as large as 12ft and weigh up to 1,260lbs, so it would likely need an apex predator such as a great white shark or an orca to sever its head 

Some people suggested that this could have been the work of an Orca, or killer whale. The apex predators are one of the fastest marine animals and typically weigh between four and six tonnes.

But Jason, who is based in Bermagui, a coastal town 240 miles south of Sydney, believes the unfortunate Mako was the victim of bigger sharks.    

It might have been a tiger shark, according to Shamus Johnston, who commented that he had seen one kill a 12 ft shark with one bite. 

‘Tiger sharks get huge, with sightings and records of them getting 20+ feet and being extremely aggressive towards other sharks!,’ he wrote.   

But Greg Doble wrote that the distinctive pattern around the Mako’s wound made it appear to have come from a 20ft great white – and probably more than one. 

Greg Doble wrote on Facebook that the distinctive bite marks visible on the severed head of the Mako shark look as though the kill was the work of a great white shark (pictured) 

‘You can see the smaller or conveyor teeth outside major bite marks,’ he wrote.

‘Not Orcas – they tend to eat just the liver of large sharks and let the rest drop to the ocean floor.’

Lisa Newick agreed, adding: ‘Despite their reputation as lone hunters, great whites will cooperate with one another, hunting in groups and sharing the spoils. 

‘They’re social creatures and travel in groups at times as well, that’s why you see them milling all over whale carcasses.

Others believe that the Mako was killed by either an Orca (left) or a tiger shark (right), as both have a bite powerful enough

‘After seeing the pic I’ll just uh stick to the swimming pool,’ she added.      

In another bizarre twist, Jason said that after he cut about a slab of meat from the mako head he discovered the bill of a marlin fish. 

The long spike had been embedded in the head for years, but shark’s ‘amazing healing powers’ had caused the wound to close around it.   

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