Friday, 8 Dec 2023

EweTube star! Fiona the sheep seen by three million in her new home

EweTube star! Fiona the sheep – who was rescued after TWO YEARS on an inaccessible beach – becomes internet sensation after being moved to her new home

Once Scotland’s loneliest sheep, she has become an internet star following her rescue from a solitary existence trapped at the foot of a cliff.

Fans have checked in on Fiona the ewe by webcam more than three million times at her new home at Dalscone farm park near Dumfries.

And her newly shorn fleece, which had grown for at least two years, is being made into souvenirs which will be raffled off for charity.

‘Fiesty’ Fiona: The rescued sheep has taken to online fame like a star, says farmer Ben Best

 Fiona spent two solitary years trapped at the foot of a cliff at Balintore, Easter Ross

Ben Best, who runs the farm, said: ‘Fiona has taken to media activity like an absolute star but the last thing you want to do is push it. 

She’s getting a bit feisty with the goat through the fence.’ Describing the online interest as ‘exhausting, very exciting and surreal’, Mr Best added they had ‘never experienced anything like it.’

He allows his farmer friends to inspect Fiona ‘as she needs to get used to us anyway’, but will not let TV and media crews get too close.

Fiona was first spotted stranded on a remote inaccessible beach below cliffs at Balintore, Easter Ross, in 2021.

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