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Elle Brooke gives definitive verdict on potential grudge fight with Astrid Wett

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has given a definitive verdict on a potential boxing fight with bitter rival Astrid Wett.

The influencer-turner-boxers are two of the biggest names in the UK adult entertainment industry. With the pair offering their subscribers an unfiltered view into their lives, they've amassed enormous audiences and made a huge amount of money in the process.

However, while toppling each other in the OnlyFans rankings would be nice; it hardly compares to rendering your enemy unconscious.

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Consequently, the two porn stars have looked to find a way to settle their beef. And after signing on the dotted line, Brooke and Wett were set to finally put their rivalry to bed on the undercard of Ed Matthews vs Simple Simon last year.

But alas, after a fiery press conference, Wett pulled out, leaving her rival without an opponent. However, Brooke remained on the bill and produced a clinical victory over AJ Bunker, before dismantling Faith Ordway in a statement performance.

However, she's yet to scratch the itch of beating the woman she hates the most. And with Wett claiming a victory over Keeley Colbran, the possibility of a match-up between the influencers is still very much in the pipeline.

But Brooke doesn't think it will ever happen. When asked about her enemy's bout with Bunker, she gave a negative reaction

Speaking to boxer Viddal Riley on YouTube, she said: "Honestly, no offence, I don't care. I am commentating the fight, so I want to stay really neutral. If Astrid wins, great, I'm never going to fight her anyway. If AJ wins, she's going to call me out for a rematch. It's very dead upon dead.

"They get a belt, congrats, you're the first person to win a belt. But who are you beating for it, AJ or Astrid? Dead."

Regardless, the rivalry still means the world to her.

Talking on whether she'd take a loss against Wett in exchange for 100,000 more OnlyFans subscribers, Brooke responded: "I'm really struggling with this question. I'm actually sweating. To be fair, I make good dough now, so I'd keep it the same. You're actually making me look bad now. I would stay the same.

"£100,000? I'm trying to think. That's not actually that life-changing. I would not lose against Astrid, so I'd keep the same.

"I had to re-evaluate my life right now, and I'm like, I'm quids in; why would I want anything else?"

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