Friday, 12 Aug 2022

‘Doomed’ Russian forces face wipeout in Kherson pocket as Ukraine steps up counterattack

Russian troops seen fleeing tanks after Ukrainian ambush

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Kyiv has launched a counteroffensive in Ukraine’s south, as it attempts to recapture the strategically vital port city of Kherson. The city fell to the Russians on March 3rd, after its defenders fled without putting up a fight. The last few weeks have seen increased activity by Ukrainian forces and partisans operating in Kherson province.

Now it appears they have succeeded in scoring a major victory against Putin’s “demoralised” forces on their march to Kherson.

Around 1,000 Russian soldiers are reported to be trapped in Vysokopillya, having failed to evacuate in time.

Their only possibility of retreat is along a corridor that is under Ukrainian fire control.

Michael McKay, a Ukraine expert, tweeted: “The Russian invaders are trapped in Vysokopillya in the north of Kherson region.

“Ukrainian defenders liberated Pot’omkyne on June 30 and had control of Ol’hyne by July 5.

“The Russians didn’t withdraw the garrison from Vysokopillya and failed to reinforce it. Now they’re doomed.”

Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the Ukraine President, said Vysokopillya would become the Russians’ very own Ilovaisk.

Ilovaisk is a city in the Donetsk province, where a deadly and notorious battle took place in 2014 between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists.

Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed as they tried to retreat after being cut off by the Moscow-backed fighters.

It was the biggest loss of life suffered by Ukraine’s army during the 2014 war.

Arestovych said in a YouTube interview: “There, in fact, is a repetition of Ilovaisk for Russian troops.

“Not two thousand, but more than one thousand. They are in tactical encirclement.

“Yesterday there was an attempt to break through, but it was stopped by our fire.

“The Russian command is demoralised by what is happening in Kherson region.”

He added: “We have a great temptation to bury them all in this cauldron.”

However, he hoped the Russians would be given the opportunity to surrender and “stay alive”.

Ukrainian military officials are confident that a turning point has ben reached in the war after the delivery of US supplied HIMARS.

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The HIMARS have enabled Ukrainian commanders to target and destroy Russian command posts and logistical supplies behind the front lines.

There is a growing belief that the Kherson province will be liberated by September.

Sergiy Khlan, an aide to the administrative head of the Kherson region, said in an interview with Ukrainian television on Sunday: “We can say that a turning point has occurred on the battlefield.

“We are switching from defensive to counteroffensive actions.”

“We can say that the Kherson region will definitely be liberated by September, and all the occupiers’ plans will fail.”

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