Thursday, 23 Sep 2021

Disturbing moment off-duty firefighter is attacked by mob of teens who screamed 'it's fight night'

THIS is the horrific moment a swarm of teenagers viciously attacked an off-duty New York City firefighter as one of the mob declared "it's fight night".

The victim, a dad-of-three, was walking his dog Dylan in Juniper Valley Park, Middle Village, late on Friday when he was set upon by "at least 100 kids".

Disturbing footage shows the group of teens closing in on the 44-year-old as his three-year-old Labradoodle barked in a bid to protect him.

One teen can be heard shouting: "Give him a shot! Give him a shot! Give him a shot!".

The victim, who is still shaken-up from the attack, told the New York Post:"There were at least 100 kids. They just picked me out and approached me.

"One kid took his shirt off and said, ‘it’s fight night!’"

"He said he was 19 and said, ‘I could fight you.’

"Everyone took their cell phones out. There were cell phones everywhere.

"They all came at me."

One kid took his shirt off and said, ‘it’s fight night!’ He said he was 19 and said, ‘I could fight you'

He added that one kid came up behind him during the attack and hit him in the back of the head with a bottle.

"They didn’t care at all," he said.

"The kids were going crazy.They were as high as a kite. I got hit, turned around, that’s when the kids started coming at me.

"Then I was on the floor, holding one kid."

An ambulance near the park then pulled up and saved the dad from the beating.

"They were waiting by the park," he added.

"If they weren’t there I would have been in much worse condition.

"I’m a little lumped up. What are you going to do? Thank God I’m still here. It could have been worse.”

Cops told the Post that the victim was struck in the head with a glass bottle shortly before 10pm on Friday.

No arrests have been made and the dog – uninjured – was rescued by a good Samaritan.


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