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Chilling 12 words of ‘vampire killer’ who slayed pensioner and drank her blood

A teenage paperboy obsessed with vampires who ripped out a pensioner's heart and drank her blood, uttered 12 chilling words when he was spoken to by a prison medic.

Mathew Hardman was just 17 when he repeatedly stabbed his 90-year-old neighbour, Mabel Leyshon while she sat in her armchair watching TV at her North Wales home.

From his cell he told a psychiatric nurse with a grin: "This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me."

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Now the case, said to be one of the most gruesome in UK legal history, is set to be reviewed, North Wales Live reports.

It was November 2001 when Hardman broke into Ms Leyshon's bungalow near Llanfairpwll, Anglesey.

He stabbed her 22 times, cut open her chest to remove her heart and drank her blood, before laying two pokers in a cross shape by her feet.

Her mutilated body was discovered two days later by police officers who stated: "the devil has been to Anglesey."

Hardman was just one of the evil criminals former prison psychiatric nurse, Chris Kinealy treated at Category B Altcourse Prison.

In 2019, he told the Liverpool Echo he will always remember when he first met the killer teen.

Chris said: "I was just sat in my little office.

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"And this 17-year-old, about 5ft 10, blonde hair and blue eyes walked in.

"He said 'Hello sir are you the doctor?'

"I said I am a psychiatric nurse, how do you feel?

"And he replied with a huge grin on his face: 'this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me'."

Hardman, who was an art student, told cops that old people were the sort to have their blood drunk by vampires. It transpired that he had been smoking cannabis and had searched the internet for "vampires, gothic flesh eating and other macabre things."

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He protested his innocence but was convicted and jailed for life after three hours' deliberations at Mold Crown Court in August 2002.

An appeal was rejected in 2003 but now the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which investigates miscarriages of justice, has confirmed it is reviewing the case.

A CCRC statement said: "An application has been received related to this case and a review is under way. It would be inappropriate for us to make further comment while this is taking place."

Jailing Hardman for life Mr Justice Richards said Hardman's motivation for killing and then mutilating his victim was difficult to comprehend.

However, he had been drawn to the conclusion "that vampirism had indeed become a near obsession with you, that you really did believe that this myth may be true, that you did think that you would achieve immortality by the drinking of another person's blood and you found this an irresistible attraction."

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