Friday, 3 Feb 2023

Charles Bronson’s latest bid for freedom sees him sell paintings for £24.95

Charles Bronson has been on the rampage ahead of his fresh bid for freedom – on canvas.

Britain’s most notorious inmate has been churning out dozens of paintings and drawings and is flogging prints of them for £24.95 a pop online.

Their titles include Bronson’s Dead, No More, Keep On Dreaming and Please Don’t Leave Me Here.

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The names appear to reference the 70-year-old’s desperate fight for freedom after spending four decades behind bars for armed robbery and attacks on other inmates, as he has a parole hearing in March.

It is unclear when the paintings and drawings were produced but a prison source said the themes in his art “clearly reflect his growing frustration with being banged up” and show he’s at the “end of his tether” over the prospect of dying behind bars.

There was no response from the email attached to the site when Daily Star Sunday tried to make contact.

Bronson wants his latest parole bid to be held in public so he can prove that he is no longer a danger to society and a campaign is underway to raise £25,000 so he can buy a static caravan for life on the outside.

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A fundraising appeal for the con, revealed on Friday (JAN 13) stated: “Charlie is no longer an aggressive criminal, he is a born-again artist who has spent the majority of his prison life in segregation doing his artwork. He has not been violent or aggressive for nearly 10 years.

“He will be 70 in a few months and just wants to get out and enjoy his remaining years as a pensioner, living in a caravan in Devon by himself near his family.”

Bronson said from his cell at HMP Woodhill, Buckinghamshire, last year: “I’ve changed, I’ve become an artist, I have rehabilitated myself.

“I’m planning to live in Devon, miles away from all the crime and all the villains. I have turned a chapter in my life. I’m more relaxed. I’m not a danger to anybody.”

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