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Cat shot execution-style with bullet fired to back of head dumped in B&M bag

A cat was shot dead by callous killers with a bullet fired to the back of her head before being dumped in a carrier bag.

Annita Radukanu, 30, who shared ownership of the cat with her ex-partner, told how a litter picker came across the body of their tragic feline, Sansa, in a B&M bag on a green area off Halton Moor Road, Leeds.

Sansa, a marble Bengal cat, had been missing from her nearby home for five days when the litter picker made the horrific discovery on November 30.

Annita had been frantically trying to find her pet since she had not returned home for her tea.

Appeal posters had been put up around the area before it led to her getting the devastating news about her five-year-old pet.

Annita took the body to a nearby vet to check the microchip to ensure the body was that of Sansa where her identity was confirmed.

The vet also noticed blood on the back of the pet’s head and thought she may have been involved in a road traffic accident.

But the family suspected foul play so paid for an X-ray to be taken which confirmed the devastating news that her pet had been shot at close range in the back of the head.

Annita said: “I was absolutely devastated when I found out and am still struggling to come to terms with what has happened. She was such a friendly cat who did not venture far and would not crossroads.

“The vet said she would have probably died instantly and then was placed in the carrier bag which was dumped like rubbish.

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“But I saw her body and she curled up with her paws under her chin which is just how she slept. I really believe she was alive with that horrific injury when she was put in the bag and went into her comfort position to die.

“It is heartbreaking and I just cannot understand why someone would want to do something so horrific. My son keeps crying about missing her and I can't stop thinking about it.

“I do think she may have been taken by someone before she was shot as she went missing on Thursday and on the Saturday the litter picker was in the same area but didn’t spot the carrier bag then – it wasn’t until a few days later that she came across it.

“I noticed Sansa was also missing her distinctive pink collar with silver cats on it and I wonder if the person responsible has taken this – or if anyone knows where it is – as it may help trace the person who carried out this truly awful attack. “

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The RSPCA is now investigating to find the person responsible for the horrific attack.

RSPCA inspector Emma Ellis has urged anyone in the area with information about who carried out the attack to come forward.

She also hopes to track down CCTV footage which may help her enquiries.

She said: “This is a sickening attack on a pet cat – which was shot at point-blank range in the back of the head – which the vet described as an 'execution-style'.

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“Then the callous attacker placed the body of the beloved family pet into a carrier bag and chucked it away like rubbish.

“It is deeply concerning that someone in this area is using a weapon like this and is prepared to carry out such a vile attack.

“I would urge residents with pets in this area to be vigilant and anyone who can help should call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.”

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