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British father, 29, who walked out on family for a Ukrainian is broke

British father, 29, who walked out on his partner and children for a Ukrainian refugee reveals he’s broke after losing work over their affair

  • Tony Garnett says he is broke after leaving his partner for a Ukrainian refugee
  • He was with Lorna, 28, for 10 years before leaving her for Sofiia Karkadym
  • Ms Karkadym, 22, came to stay with the Garnett family after Russia’s invasion 
  • But she fell for the father-of-two and they moved out together after 10 days

A British dad who left his partner to run off with a Ukrainian refugee ten days after she moved into the family home says he has no money.

Security guard Tony Garnett left partner Lorna Garnett, the mother of their two daughters, for Sofiia Karkadym, 22.

The family had sponsored Sofiia as a refugee from the country torn apart by Putin’s invasion.

But Tony fell in love with her in their Bradford home, sparking a furious row that split their family. 

He told the Daily Star: ‘I’ve been trying to get by and survive with Sofiia with nowt.

‘I want to show people that I’m not a scrounger for government benefits, I know what is right.

‘I used to have a very successful business. I’ve dedicated myself to it, some weeks I put over 80 hours a week into it.’

Tony said that he ran a security firm that had contracts he lost due to his relationship attracting so much attention.

He added: ‘Now and again I’m sending door staff to pubs and clubs but I’ve gone from earning nearly 2k a week to earning jack s***.’

Four days ago MailOnline told how Tony had released a rap criticising ‘an ex’.

Tony Garnett, 29, who left his partner of ten years for Ukrainian refugee Sofiia Karkadym, 22, after 10 days of her living with them, released a rap dissing his ex called ‘Ukraine to UK Rain’

Tony Garnett said that he and Sofiia Karkadym (pictured together) hope to have children together – if doctors can reverse the vasectomy he had after having two children with his previous partner

The security guard posted the video less than 24 hours after he was hit with a court order preventing him from contacting the mother of his two children, 28-year-old Lorna Garnett (pictured)

A video of the hip hop effort was posted less than 24 hours after he was hit with a court order preventing him from contacting Lorna after she alleged he had sent her abusive texts.

Hours after the court hearing on Wednesday Tony put out a YouTube song called ‘Ukraine to UK Rain’ in which he accuses an ‘ex’ of being ‘two-faced’ and playing with his emotions ‘like a video console’.

And he raps: ‘I’m now with a blonde – but yes, my ex was a brunette.’

The song describes Ukraine as ‘a country torn apart with war crimes and bad pain’.

It also includes the lines: ‘Should I have stayed there just to be with my kids? No thank you, not today. You see my mental state forbids.’

Tony told MailOnline he loves wordplay and had rattled off the track in less than an hour. ‘I can do much better,’ he said.

The 29-year-old has said he made the song in less than an hour and insists he can do better

‘It’s important for me to explain my side of things. I didn’t name her, I just said ‘my ex’ in the lyrics. I know that won’t get me into trouble because a solicitor told me. It could be any ex I’m referring to. I told the judge that I’d be writing music about what had happened to me.’

The chorus of the three-minute track repeats the line ‘I don’t care what you have to say’.

Tony’s former partner Lorna, 28, today told MailOnline that she had seen the video and understood the lyrics to refer to her.

Calling the accusations in the lyrics ‘complete lies’, she said: ‘Under the terms of the court order I’m not allowed to discuss him on social media, but the things in that song which are obviously about me are complete lies.

‘He’s broken the court order already by releasing this and I’ve contacted my solicitor and the police as a result. The solicitor confirmed that it’s a breach of the order’.

Tony said he found a female vocalist in the US on a freelancer website called Fiverr, where a woman sang the line for $5. At the court on Wednesday, Tony was also warned not to go within 100 metres of the home the couple shared in Bradford before he fell for IT manager Sofia from Lviv. Tony agreed to the non-molestation restraining order without admissions.

It bars him phoning, texting or emailing Lorna and contacting her by social media. The order is not thought to mention posting on YouTube.

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