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Britain to be hit by brutal -5C deep freeze later this month

A chilly end to March could see temperatures plummet as low as -5C with the UK bracing itself for another brutal freeze and the possibility of more snow.

Widespread rain and strong winds are forecast for the remainder of the working week but the latest weather maps for WXCHARTS are displaying big patches of icy blue across the UK for Saturday (March 25) whilst, on Sunday (March 26), the mercury is set to drop below freezing throughout Scotland and dip as low as -2C in certain regions.

England looks unlikely to escape this latest cold snap, with possible lows of -1C in the North East around Newcastle.

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The bitterly cold conditions continue into next week, with more of the UK weather map turning icy blue and temperatures could fall as low as -3C overnight in Scotland next Monday (March 27).

Large swathes of England – particularly the North, Midlands and South West, as well as Wales – could see the mercury struggling to get above freezing.

Just hours later, millions of Britons could wake up to an even more bitter deep freeze, with possible lows of between -3C and -5C across large parts of Scotland.

It could just be a couple of degrees colder elsewhere north of the border, while England and Wales could struggle to break through the freezing mark.

This deep freeze could also trigger the unwelcome return of snow to Scotland next Monday, with one weather map showing up to 2cm could fall in northern parts of Scotland.

Netweather Senior Forecaster Jo Farrow has warned that "weather fronts will be piling in from the Atlantic this week" and temperatures are likely to fall as the week progresses.

She also warned the unsettled weather pattern will continue through this week "with signs that colder air may tuck down from the north" that could trigger a threat of snow.

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Ms Farrow said in her latest weather forecast: "Weather fronts will be piling in from the Atlantic this week. That means a lot of cloud and rain, particularly for western parts of the UK.

"It will be blustery at times but often mild. Temperatures do decrease slightly through the week.

"If you are in the wind and rain, it won’t feel that mild but, for eastern counties seeing sunny spells, temperatures will lift into the teens. Northern areas will feel a bit more nippy by early Thursday and daytime temperatures will be subdued.

"A waving front could bring rain over southern Britain as blustery showers continue from the west. Northern Scotland won’t be as windy but other areas will stay blustery with strong winds for exposed coastal areas around south-west and southern England.

"This unsettled picture continues through the week with signs that colder air may tuck down from the north. It could bring snow, to the Scottish mountains, maybe northern hills with flurries to lower levels."

The Met Office has also warned of the possibility of wintry showers throughout this weekend, with colder temperatures hitting northern regions of the UK heading into April.


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