Saturday, 7 Dec 2019

BREAKING: Julian Assange arrives at London court and raises fist before sentencing

Cops detained the Wikileaks founder earlier this month after Ecuador’s government withdrew his asylum. 

They blamed his interference in international affairs and alleged discourtesy to embassy staff.

The 47-year-old, from Australia, previously appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and was found guilty of breaching his bail.

He faces sentencing at Southwark Crown Court today after taking refuge in the embassy 12 years ago to avoid extradition to Sweden. 

Assange – who tidied up his beard and long hair – was mobbed by photographers on his approach as he raised a defiant fist. 

He could receive a maximum sentence of a year in prison. 

District Judge Michael Snow earlier remanded Assange in custody and branded him a “narcissist who cannot get beyond his own selfish interests”.

He also faces extradition to the US after allegedly breaking into a classified government computer, an offence that carries a maximum sentence of five years. 

The US accuses Assange of assisting Chelsea Manning, a former US intelligence analyst, in breaking a password that helped her infiltrate Pentagon computers.

In 2010, Wikileaks disclosed hundreds of thousands of confidential US military reports surrounding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

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