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Boy mauled to death by tiger which then kills his grandfather

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A farmer in India was killed by a tiger 12 hours after his grandson was mauled to death by one. The grandfather, referred to only as Raju, 75, died after the tiger grabbed him by the head in a field in the village of Palleri in the Kodagu region of Karnataka state on Monday morning.

His body was discovered 200 metres away where the remains of his grandson, Chethan, were found.

He was attacked on Sunday while harvesting coffee at a plantation almost two miles away from the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve.

It is home to 125 tigers and spans 316 sq miles between the regions of Kodagu and Mysuru in the same state.

The deaths have sown panic among the community, according to The National, with reports of tigers preying on pets and livestock.

Five elephants are reportedly involved in the search for the “man-eating” tiger.

In total, 25 camera traps have been set up in a bid to locate and identify the beast, which is believed to be injured.

After 100 years of decline, overall wild tiger numbers are starting to rise, according to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF).

Tiger populations are stable or increasing in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia and China, the WWF says.


India is home to over 70 percent of the world’s tigers.

It adds that about 4,500 tigers are in the wild, but more work is needed to protect the species if its future in its natural habitat is to be secured.

The largest of all the Asian big cats, tigers rely mostly on sight and sound rather than smell when hunting.

Typically, they hunt alone and stalk their prey with a tiger able to consume more than 80 pounds of meat in any one sitting.

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Between 40 to 50 people are killed by tigers annually, according to figures published in 2019 by the Indian government.

Police in India shot dead a tiger believed to have killed at least nine people in Champaran, Bihar state, in October 2022, the BBC reported.

Known as the man-eater of Champaran, the tiger was killed after a hunt involving about 200 police officers and officials.

In January, South African animal welfare officials successfully sedated and captured a tiger which was spotted roaming a neighbourhood to the east of the capital Johannesburg.

Guards monitoring security cameras on an office building in the Johannesburg suburb of Edenvale spotted the big cat and took part in its capture during which officials used darts containing sedative.

Residents were warned to remain alert and keep all their animals indoors. It was the second incident of a tiger on the loose in South Africa in as many weeks.

The authorities believed it was an escaped pet.

A second escaped tiger was euthanized after being on the loose for about four days in Walkerville, to the south of Johannesburg.

The death of Sheba sparked calls by animal welfare groups for the South African government to ban citizens from keeping wild animals as pets.

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