Monday, 5 Dec 2022

‘Alien’ sea creature that looks like Stranger Things beast ‘tastes like mussels’

Terrified TikTok users were left aghast by video footage of a monster sea creature that many compared to the Stranger Things beast.

The clip is of a gooseneck barnacle but, for too many viewers, it was scarily reminiscent of The Demogorgon that terrorises characters in the hit Netflix science fiction series.

Quickly racking up just under one million views on The Fish Society's official account, team member Amy Brise is filmed in the video handling the strange-looking creature, the Daily Mirror reports.

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The Fish Society regularly shares footage of animals from below the deep and how they can be prepared for meals.

And, just like the petrifying creature from the show, the fish has extruding tentacles.

Amy goes on to explain which part is the animal's "feeder" and, when she presses down on this body part, dozens of creepy tendrils pop out.

For anybody in doubt, the post was captioned: "It’s not a Demogorgon, it’s a gooseneck barnacle."

The gooseneck barnacle is actually a rare and very expensive delicacy but the footage of the creature still spooked and baffled legions of social media users.

"Don't tell me it's a little Demogorgon," wrote one TikToker, adding a stunned emoji face.

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A second commented: "That's going to be a no from me", while a third added: "There’s a Pokemon like that."

A fourth quipped: "2022 is just dropping new species by the minute now."

The Fish Society has more than 200 types of seafood listed on its website but the gooseneck barnacle is definitely among the weirder ones.

George Chambers, a content creator at The Fish Society, said: "Gooseneck barnacle are chipped off dangerous rocky shorelines in Spain. They sort of taste similar to mussel meat and the texture is similar too."


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