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Suella Braverman defied No10’s demands to edit controversial police oped

Suella Braverman takes at at Labour during conference speech

Suella Braverman and her advisors ignored some requests from No.10 to edit her Times column criticising the Met Police’s approach to Palestine marches, and comparing the scenes on the streets of London to those seen in Northern Ireland.

Last night No.10 refused to say whether they’d signed off on the Home Secretary’s op-ed in full, saying they couldn’t comment on internal processes.

However they failed to kill speculation that the Home Secretary may have published her piece without their full input and knowledge, which would represent a flouting of the official sign-off process.

According to the Telegraph, Downing Street specifically requested a change to her comparisons between the London Palestine marches and Northern Ireland.

Neither No.10 nor the Home Office have denied these allegations, though one source “familiar with No. 10’s thinking called it a ‘disgrace’”.

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Other outlets have also reported that the PM’s office “didn’t technically sign off” on the article, although they did offer edits.

Despite outrage around the op-ed, Ms Braverman’s words have garnered support from her allies.

One Tory MP told the Express this morning: “It’s amazing how out of touch some of the wet MPs are within the Party. The vast majority of our voters and members agree with the bulk of what Suella has to say”.

Danny Kruger MP added: “I think it’s extraordinary people are saying she shouldn’t be commenting on the way the police do their job”.

He added that the Met has a “double standard” over how they police the Palestine marches versus other protests such as those against lockdown.

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DUP MP Sammy Wilson also slapped down those outraged about Ms Braverman’s words on Northern Ireland, telling the Express: “The takeover of the streets in the UK by people who clearly support terrorists, chant terrorist slogans and attack Jews, has its parallels with the behaviour of republican terrorists in Northern Ireland”.

“Suella Braverman is right to warn against the hate marches which cities across the UK have experienced since the horrific, murderous invasion of Israel by Hamas terrorists.”

The revelations about Ms Braverman’s snub of No. 10 leaves questions about their relationship going forward, with the Home Secretary increasingly willing to spark controversy.

This morning a Cabinet Minister, Mark Harper, refused to say whether she had his support, and directly contradicted her claims of police bias.

He told Times Radio: “Police forces are focused on upholding the law without fear or favour”.

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