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‘Spineless Starmer’ told to stop cowardice after ‘Labour axis of evil’ exposed

Keir Starmer accused of having no backbone over Israel stance

Keir Starmer has been told to “get his house in order” by a former minister, after links were uncovered between Labour’s union donors and a controversial pro-Palestine group.

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has been at the centre of multiple protests in London, including organising one protest outside the Israeli embassy immediately after Hamas carried out their bloodthirsty pogrom against its neighbour.

The Unite Union, one of Labour’s biggest donors, lists the PSC on its website as one of its affiliated campaign organisations.

Unite claims they engage in “solidarity work” with the hardline group, saying the PSC “campaigns for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of international law and human rights”.

The top union has handed Labour nearly £5million since 2020, when Sir Keir Starmer took over as leader.

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Unite’s website also says they “help us to build a new mass anti Apartheid movement for Palestine”.

At its recent party conference, Labour banned the use of the phrase ‘Israeli apartheid’ at a fringe meeting hosted by the PSC.

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle last year, Sir Keir said he disagreed with an Amnesty report labelling Israel an “apartheid state”, saying it was “not the Labour Party position”.

The removal of claims about “apartheid” from the event sparked a pro-Palestine Labour group to point out: “From 2021, the TUC, representing many unions affiliated with the Labour Party, has acknowledged that Israel is practising apartheid in multiple statements and resolutions passed at its annual congresses”.

Unions signed up to the TUC have handed Labour nearly £10million since Sir Keir became leader in 2020.

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The Fire Brigades Union’s General Secretary also tweeted a defence of Apsana Begum, who came under fire during Labour’s conference for posing with the PSC stall hours after they announced their anti-Israel protest.

The FBU has given at least £150,700 to Labour since Keir Starmer became leader.

Responding to the revelations, former minister Brendan Clarke-Smith MP said: “This well and truly is the Labour axis of evil.

“Labours union paymasters are standing shoulder to shoulder with extremist campaign groups and Corbynista MPs justifying the awful violence in Israel, all whilst their party sits idly by.

“Spineless Starmer needs to stop being a coward and get his house in order.”

Sir Keir’s party has been wracked with division since the Israel-Hamas war broke on on October 7.

Around a third of his MPs have now broken with the party line and called for a ceasefire, something Sir Keir has argued would prevent Israel from defending itself after the bloodthirsty terrorist attacks.

A Unite spokesman said: “Unite unreservedly condemns the appalling acts of violence against innocent civilians in Israel and is also appalled by the subsequent unfolding catastrophe in which more innocent lives are being lost every day”.

“We are one of a large number of trade unions that affiliates to The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and support a peaceful two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.”

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